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Urban Planners grab second position in Canadian job ranking

Jobs for Urban Planners

According to Canadian Business’ 2016 Best Jobs ranking the future of Urban Planners in Canada is very bright. Urban Planners have secured second position in the Canadian job rankings. This might be a bit unbelievable for the urban planners living in other countries of the world which continue to face numerous problems and at times

Stunning searches on Google Earth

Stunning searches on Google Earth

Google Earth – Our Own Virtual Earth & More! If you are reading this then we bet you would have used Google and its services atleast once in your life and will continue to do so. Google is much more than what people think as it has over 50 services, we will not be giving

Introspection of an Urban Planner


2014. I wasn’t as open to the idea of the study of building, construction and cities, as I understood it. I definitely had the aptitude. I could draw a straight line on an A4 sheet and had a vague idea of complimentary colours. Straight into School of Planning & Architecture, Vijayawada , a two hour

Exploration of Sustainable Rainwater Management Techniques

Exploration of Sustainable Rainwater Management Techniques

The whole world is moving towards being sustainable and all cities are practising to become sustainable city. Moreover Sustainable water management is the part of it, and that would be our important objective. Can we manage water such that, our future generations will not face problems?, or do we have such methodologies to increase and