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With empty buildings Sustainability becomes a word empty of meaning

Empty Building

Intensifying occupancy – an answer to growing population Accommodating urban challenges through adaptation and rehabilitation already became a common practise. Historic heritage, post industrial sites are often requalified, being given new life, new function, new activities. The same goes with urban space, where planners often look into empty parking lots, space cut out from the

National Digital Library of India by MHRD & IIT Kharagpur

National Digital Library of India

The National Digital Library of India is an integration platform for schools, colleges, universities, teachers, students, lecturers, differentially abled pupils and anybody who has a willingness to learn. We hope to facilitate e-learning for students everywhere with the help of technologically enhanced learning design and the support of Digital India. It is a huge collection of

Planners as Knowledge Workers- Key to nation’s growth!

Planners as Knowledge Workers- Key to nation's growth!

Planners are regarded as knowledge workers! Planners can be knowledge generators by interpreting information and getting knowledge out of it, knowledge consumers as they can use existing knowledge to form policies and knowledge brokers by trading relevant information. Though a relatively unknown and young discipline, urban planning has a huge potential to solve various problems

Transformation of Berlin by Samreen

Transformation of Berlin by Samreen

The article on the city of Berlin is based on Samuel P. Huntington`s ‘The Clash of Civilization and Rethinking of World Order’. It theorizes cyclic process through which paradigms forms and re-forms. This is reflected in the transformations of physical environment and the philosophical basis of a generation. Based on this reading I have identified the

World’s most Innovative Economies 2017

Bloomberg Innovation Index 2017

Bloomberg “Innovation Index” for 2017 Bloomberg ranks world economies on basis of the “Innovation” factor which is based on number of key parameters. Despite of having scores of countries only few 100 have the data required which allows them to enter the list. This time 7 contributing factors were chosen and ranking was done for about