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Policy making in Tourism Industry by Samreen | PlanningTank

Tourism policy making

Dilemma in Public policy making The formulation of items on plans that are used by an organization or government as a basis for making decision is how policy making is described conventionally. There is a need to discuss the problems that hinges on how one defines policy making. Public policy is viewed as whatever governments

Urban Planning drops to #19 from #2 in Canadian Job Rankings

Urban Planning Job Ranking - Canada

Downfall for Urban Planning in Canada! Urban Planning witnessed massive drop in ranking in Canada. With #2 in last year rank for the profession dropped to #19 in 2017! Urban Planning was backed by many reasons explaining what makes it hottest job. Growth fueled by the boom in real estate and the focus on infrastructure

Parc de la Villette – a new concept of park landscaping

Parc de la Villette

This article highlights a new concept of park landscaping in paris named Parc de la villette which helps to clarify things to people about French Architect Bernard Tschumi and how he has designed for one of the few remaining large sites available within the city of Paris, which became the Parc de le Villette. INTRODUCTION:

Necessity for a Practical Legal Framework on Land Acquisition in Nagaland


Changes in Land Acquisition in Nagaland Land is a limited resource and is required for any developmental activity to happen: green field, brown field, retrofitting or extension development works. It is obvious that every time land is acquired for developmental activities, there is change in ownership or land-use, and a certain section of individuals are