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Modern Techniques of Solid Waste Management in India

Smart bins in Smart Cities

Cities are considered as the driver of economic development and growth. Majority of these cities are located in developing countries. Urban planning and city management is a very debatable topic and are kind of ignored ones. Cities generally have a variety of demographic profiles. People from all across the country migrate to the city in

The growth of LED lighting for cities worldwide

New York City Light

Lighting is becoming a prominent electric component used to illuminate cities worldwide. Public lighting accounts for nearly 50% of the electricity consumption in cities and 19% of global electricity use. The major sources of light that have been consistently used throughout the world are electrical filaments, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), plasma, incandescent lamps or gas which

Drift Towards Everything Online (Education)

E- Learning - Online Education

All of us were very much aware that internet would bring many drastic changes in the world. One such ongoing change is the drifting of everything related to education to an online medium-world wide web. Be it training for school subjects or training for government exam, students can find everything online. Here is a list

5 Tips for better Resume | Structure, Font & Work Experience

Shortlisting Resume

Did you know that an average recruiter spends approximately 8 seconds on every resume. Before deciding whether they would like to accept or reject it. Are you sure that your resume is making enough impact in those first 8 seconds? Don’t worry, if it doesn’t then I am sure my tips below would definitely help

What does India need to do to create more happy cities?

Happy People

A happy city is a city that offers people the facilities to be themselves and express their true nature. Building more public spaces can contribute to creating happy cities. City streets and the mobility systems such as creating more walking spaces can increase the health and happiness of citizens. Far too many citizens suffer from

The growing culture of street art in India

Street Art - Lodhi Colony

Street art is gaining stem in India. Murals are becoming common throughout the world to spread messages and create meanings to the general public. Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are some of the cities that are heavily investing in street art to beautify their cities while conveying important messages behind the art. In some instances the