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Tips on how to give an effective presentation

Introduction Giving an effective presentation can be nerve wrecking with a lot of preparation that is needed to make it successful. It is important to face your fears of the ‘audience’ which is the judgment of the people you are presenting to.  I have given many presentations and the most successful ones were when the

Biggest Myths About Your First Job

Myths about your first job

So you have finally ditched those sweatpants and decided to swap them for more formal attire. You have written a resume and are waking up before noon to find something to do to earn a living. You are searching for your first job out of college. However, you need to find out what you are

Skills required for Remunerative Career in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Expert

The world of cybersecurity is rapidly evolving and becoming of great importance. As we dive deep into a world where technology controls everything through the IoT, and with massive amounts of data collected and stored to be processed when needed, cybersecurity becomes more of a necessity than it already is. It was reported that during

8 Smart Ways to Secure a Start-up Business Loan

Startup business loan

One of the biggest challenges for a newly-established business or a start-up is obtaining funds for growth and sustenance during the initial phase. A small business loan for start-up can go towards things like purchase of equipment, supplies, machinery, inventory, etc. To access working capital for your new business, you need to start hunting for