6 Tips to survive your first year in college

Your first year in college has a great impact in the rest of your college years. Your success in college will be determined by your actions in the first year. The decision you make at the first few weeks in college will affect your life either positively or negatively. It is at this stage when a person starts transitioning into adulthood. You get the freedom to do whatever you want as you are far from your parents or guardians and nobody is watching you. Below are some tips that will help you survive in your first year in college:

Lecture Room

  1. Attend all college orientations: This is where you will get to know more about the college. You will be introduced to your lecturers and other college staffs. You will get to know the role of all the staffs. Failing to attend orientations is the beginning of confusion. You will not know whom to face for specific services. It’s is through the orientation that you will get to know what is allowed and what is not allowed in the college. Knowing college rules keeps your college life as smooth as you are not likely to collide with the administration for violation college rules. You will be confused throughout the year as you will have to rely on fellow students to know what is to be done when and by who? Orientations also help you get to know what is expected from you and when.
  2. Making new friends: You can’t make it in college without friends. Get to know your roommates and fellow first years. Socialize with different people may it be fellow students, professors, and the non-teaching staff. The more you socialize the more your life becomes soft. Old students know the college better and will advise you on how to cope with college life. Know their character and make friends with those whose character matches with yours to avoid misunderstanding. Choose a friend who is straight and determined. Your friend will have a great impact on your college life as you are most likely to do many things with them. If you get a friend who is a drug addict you are most likely to start drug abuse after a few days. You should avoid friends who put pressure on you to do things you aren’t comfortable with.
  3. Manage your time: Unlike in high school where your teachers kept on watching you in college professors will not invest their time to watch you. In college, you have to manage your time. Plan and have time for everything. Attend your classes on time. Create time for personal studies and assignments. Start your studies early so that you will not have a hard time when it comes to exams. Make sure you don’t get tempted to skip your classes as this is the core thing that took you to college. Have time for everything and do the right thing at the right time.  Edubirdie can do assignments with ease can help you avoid the late submissions which may attract penalties.
  4. Get involved in college extracurricular activities: Many college students only focus on studies and fail to consider other college activities which make them feel more connected to the college. Think of joining a sports team, clubs, fraternities and student organizations. This will help you feel connected to the college, make more friends and also learn new skills. Joining sports helps you keep fit and also freshens up your mind. If you love hangouts and the party finds time for them. You can study hard on weekdays and have fun on weekends.
  5. Have fun but watch yourself: Attend parties and have fun with fellow students. If you are a girl attend college girl parties and have fun. Enjoy the drinks but drink carefully. Never drink too much, never drink and drive and also never drink any drink you didn’t see it been poured into a glass to avoid poisoning. If you have to have sex make sure you use contraceptives. Failure to use contraceptives to avoid unplanned pregnancy and getting infected with STIs. Use more than one birth control to avoid an unplanned pregnancy such that when one fails the other one will work. You will explore a lot of activities to have fun and have a positive overall development. It is advisable to keep your life balanced as academics too cannot be neglected.
  6. Money: Spend your money responsibly. Plan your spending to avoid ending up not having enough food and other resources. You can look for an on-campus job at your college. Getting employed while in college helps to utilize your free time wisely and also surplus your funds. When you are employed your mind will always be active and you never find yourself having nothing to do. Avoid being employed on companies which do not consider the importance of education to you and companies that may overwork you. Working while still ongoing with classes may sometimes be hectic especially when you need time to do research and do your revisions.

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