Time-Management Hacks for Every College Student

Whether you are a fresher at a college or a fourth-year senior, managing time to complete everything can be a challenge. Usually, students who are unable to handle the nitty-gritty of this busyness become victim of depression, stress or substance abuse. On the other hand, the students who manage to surpass this phase are often under-rest, cranky and sleep-deprived.

Only a handful of students can manage their time well and spare moments for enjoyment. But, what about the rest 80%? Isn’t it obvious to get overwhelmed by the amount of work given without considering students’ health and mental status? Then, what could be done to overcome this challenge of time-management?

Well, for that we’ve compiled a list of easy time-management hacks to help students find relief in their busy schedule and be more productive.

10 Easy to Apply Time-Management Hacks

If only I had one more day, I know I’d ace that exam/project/presentation.” Most of the college students think of it at some point of time. But, let’s be honest, even if they would have had that one day, the lack of time management skills makes it impossible to achieve those goals. So, here are some time-management hacks that’ll make the unattainable, achievable for the college students. Read along.

Time Management

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Be a Cold Turkey to Distractions: College and distractions go hand-in-hand. Even when you decide to focus and study before the due dates, there will be friends around to keep you off from it. And, certainly, out of courtesy you might ditch your set schedule. But, what after that? Will you be able to make up for the lost time? Maybe, if you give up sleep, rest and your free time.

In fact, let alone be the friends, the chiming phone every 5 seconds is a bigger distraction than all. How to subside that? Well, you have to blacklist the distractions for good 1-2 hours. Either put your phone on silent mode or turn-off the internet. This way you will be able to concentrate on your work without being hassled by the unnecessary notifications.

If you’re using a desktop or laptop, you can download tools like Cold Turkey, Freedom, LeechBlock, StayFocusd, etc. These tools will automatically block the websites you add to the list for the selected amount of time.

Stick to Closed Lists: Between lectures, assignments, activities and upcoming exams, students often mess up their whole schedule. As a result, everything begins to fall apart, and they start panicking. However, this problem can be easily tackled by sticking to the closed lists.

A closed list simply means no further task or assignment can be included in it. In fact, you have to ensure that the tasks written on the list are completed by the end of the day.

The motto of this list is to promote strong will-power for completing a certain work in a certain time frame. For instance, if you feel you can finish making the notes in an hour, add that to the list and try achieving it. This will drive you to work efficiently without procrastination.

In other words, you are setting a realistic target that you feel positive and motivated about achieving.

Follow Eisenhower’s PrincipleOnce you are thorough with streamlining your tasks in the closed list, apply Eisenhower’s Principle for effective time management.

Sometimes, the to-do list is hard to pursue given the importance of certain assignments or upcoming tests. To avoid suffering this clutter, always categorize the list into four quadrants: important, not-so-important, urgent, and not-so-urgent.

When you prioritize the projects according to these quadrants, it gives you the advantage to cross out those not-so-important and not-so-urgent things. For instance, collecting notes, making photocopies, keeping up late for parties, etc.

In addition, it gives you plenty of time to focus on those things that are not urgent but can be highly beneficial for you. For example, activities like attending a career-driven seminar, representing your college in several competitions, etc.

Isolate the Backlog: Another significant parameter to manage time efficiently is to stop procrastinating. Students usually delay projects or study until the last moment. This creates a huge backlog in their schedule, and it gets impossible to meet all the open ends. As a result, either the quality of their assignments suffers or their study time gets affected.

So, to avoid the circus of backlog, it is important for the students to stick to the closed lists and categorize it according to priority. Not only it will help in maintaining a strong schedule but will also offer ample time for leisure.

Keep Motivation in Check: When you can finish all your assignments and preparations in time, it brings positive energy in you. Also, you feel pumped and proud to be able to achieve your goals.

This is where motivation plays a significant role. Once you see yourself managing everything within a limited time frame, you believe it is possible to manage it. In other words, your motivation becomes your power to drive you through the busiest schedules.

Also, you know that as you make progress to your time management, you will improve the quality of the results that you achieve.

Know and Multiply the Strengths: While handling all the work and assignments yourself, there are fair chances to know what your strong areas are. Channelize them accordingly and ensure you invest only a particular amount of time on them.

On the other hand, focus on subjects and areas that require work and practice. For instance, if you are weak in communications, try engaging yourself in group discussions. If you lack in operations management, give more attention to it.

This way not only you will be able to efficiently manage your time but also will be able to focus on the areas where you lag behind.

Make Use of Apps: Another important way to manage time is to set time constraints for yourself. While you might be good at finishing up some tasks sooner than the others, use it like a pro.

Effective Time Management

Also, keep a time tracker to observe the projects or work that are new to you. This way you will be able to determine your performance and time taken to complete a particular task. For more efficient use of your time, you can install apps like Trello, Time doctor, RescueTime, Replicon, etc. These apps will help you comprehend what activity took the major part of your time.

To summarize, you can get thousands and hundreds of time-management hacks. However, until and unless, you are not ready to bring a change in your schedule, nothing would happen. Therefore, with a strong will and focused mind, try using these time management tips and you will excel in your academia.

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