How to Get Higher Education in Singapore

Singapore has fast become the preferred destination for many people seeking to further their education. The country has an excellent education system that provides opportunities for international students. The modern and vibrant nation offers a British-based education system which was introduced by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. The system has strong links with industry which makes it possible to acquire practical skills in your field of study. Therefore, a student would benefit from obtaining a personalized employment pass to facilitate employment once the course is completed.


The medium of instruction in Singapore’s mainstream schools is English.  International students are encouraged to learn the language and prepare carefully before attempting to take the centralized test. They must also be familiar with the Mathematics and English syllabuses of the level that precedes the one they want to apply for.

Higher Education in Singapore

College Fit

The student’s GPA may dictate the college that will admit them. In addition, there are other considerations such as the majors offered, where the college is located, the number of students and campus culture.  The student needs to be aware of these factors before making their decision on where to apply.


Students have the choice to live on campus in university managed accommodation or outside the campus by privately renting. The former offers catered or self-catered options. The catered option comes with benefits such as having meals prepared for you and standard costs for meals.
Your college of choice will provide information from their accommodation office concerning available options. If you prefer to rent outside, the university also provides a list of private properties and landlords in the area.

The Admission Process Requirements

These are dependent on your chosen study programmes and levels. International students must meet the minimum English language requirement. Additionally, a student is expected to have an academic record of 70% and above. Private institutes and polytechnics accept an average of 60%. The student should be at least 18 years of age before joining a degree programme.

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Documents Required

  • At least two academic reference letters from your most recent professors
  • Letters of recommendation from your employers if you have been working
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Resume
    Photocopies of GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL score reports
  • Portfolio for students applying for architecture, and art and design courses
  • Any other additional certificates such as extracurricular ones
  • Proof of funds
  • Attested copies of Standard X, XII and Bachelor’s degree (if applicable) mark sheets


Most of the universities and institutions can be reached online. Therefore, you can visit their websites and apply. You will find all the information you need pertaining to your institution of choice, follow application guidelines and pay the application fee. The fee amount depends on the college and course you have chosen. This information is available on individual college websites.

Why Study in Singapore?

Many international students opt to study in Singapore because it has an excellent education system. In fact, it is praised as one of the best in the world. You are assured of a bright future with an education from Singapore.
Some of the benefits of studying here include:

  1. Earning education certificates which are recognized internationally.
  2. Learning in institutions that have some the best facilities in the world.
  3. Singapore is not only one of the most vibrant and diverse countries to live in but the security is also top notch.
  4. It is easy to access other countries due to Singapore’s strategic location.

Evidently, a good education is not all that Singapore has to offer. International students also get to experience cultural diversity and the possibility of touring other exciting places.
Institutions of higher learning in Singapore rank high in the rankings of top institutions in the world. They are recognized for the following:

  • Their proven track record
  • Excellent reputation that is accepted globally
  • Student satisfaction

One the Singapore’s highest ranked institution is Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It is placed in the top position not only in the country but also in Asia. It comes in at position one on the list of eleven universities in the QS University Ranking 2018. Another institution that appears on this list is the National University of Singapore (NUS).


International students must have visas. However, since the application process is linked to the college application, you will receive your visa with your letter of approval. There is, therefore, no need to apply for a visa separately. Your letter of approval is admissible at entry checkpoints.

Study in Singapore
Note that you will also be required to have a Student Pass. It allows you to work during the term. Apply for one at least two months before your course begins via the special Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration System (SOLAR). You will apply for your student pass to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) through SOLAR. Your university will provide the details needed in this application.
Nevertheless, you will need to be armed with the following:

  • eForm 16
  • Passport details
  • The address of your university
  • Your email address
  • A passport sized photo

Once you arrive in the country, you will be required to visit the ICA to collect your student pass. You are also expected to pay a $60 fee.
The process an international student who needs a student’s pass is the same as for a student who needs a visa as well as for the one that does not need one. However, if you need a visa, you must complete your student’s pass application while you are still in your home country.
Students who are allowed into Singapore without visas are allowed to apply for a student’s pass on arrival in the country. Be sure to find out if you are expected to have a visa to enter Singapore or not.

Final Word

A sound education is the dream of every parent for their children. Many students also yearn to acquire an education that will open doors for them in the future. The system of education offered in Singapore promises to equip successful students with the skills and certificates that they can use for the rest of their lives anywhere in the world.

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