What is Eco Air Conditioning?

During summer season everybody tries to stay cool that can only be done via a good air condition. On the other hand, during winter season everyone expects to be warm. Using machines and electronics to go against nature has become a common thing and people don’t even think about it. In reality, people consume a great amount of energy for keeping themselves warm or cold and they leave impact on the environment. All these things directly or indirectly define how green are people.

Summer and Eco Air Conditioning

Eco air conditioning can be an effective step from you towards being green. Eco air conditioning has various good features that make it a preferred choice over conventional car conditioning.

Facts about Conventional Air Conditioning

Traditional air conditioning utilizes hydrofluorocarbons (CFC) that are destructive for ozone layer. Many companies have phased out CFC but still they are destructive for ozone layer. Air conditioning consumes a great amount of electricity that is generated with fossil fuels that harm the environment. According to careful estimations, a single air conditioning unit emits 1.34ibs of Carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour used. Air conditioning constitutes half of the amount that charged for the domestic electricity billing in the US. In simple words, air conditioning cannot neither be overlooked nor be mishandled.

Nature as Eco Conditioner

Air conditioning is inevitable in extreme weather conditions. People can make use of nature as an eco conditioner by designing their offices and homes eco friendly. But in extreme warm or cold season people cannot rely only on nature and they have to take help from manmade cooling or heating systems.

Eco Friendly Air Conditioning

Nature can be used in so many ways to help people dealing with hot and cool weather. Spain is a county that is blessed with plenty of sunshine but summer season brings difficulties for its people. Some ambitious scientists have developed eco friendly conditioning systems that are based on solar power. These eco conditioning systems are not harmful for nature and simultaneously offering comfort to people. The research team of Universidad Carlos III in Madrid and Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas has developed an absorption chiller that is capable of utilizing residual and solar heat as a major energy source in order to drive the cooling system. This system uses lithium bromide solution that is harmless to ozone layer and it does not require much amount of water.

Energy Efficient Rate Labeled Systems

Currently, eco air conditioning systems are not readily available at marketplace, but you can still stay green by using only certified systems that are labeled as energy efficient.

Save Money with energy Efficient Products

Energy efficient products not only help you to save this beautiful environment but also to save a remarkable amount of money on monthly bills. You can buy Energy-Star qualified products for your home. Opt for a portable unit to get eco friendly air conditioning. It doesn’t use great amount of energy to deliver a the amount of energy that is being delivered by other refrigerant types.