What is car insurance and why do I need it?

Cars are our valuable investments and indispensable part of city life, and we want to keep them safe. That is why everyone purchases insurance as soon as they buy a car. With increasing percentage of private vehicle ownership it is very to scratch or damage your car. Before discussing things further, we need to understand the meaning of car insurance.

What is car insurance?

In simple words, car insurance protects your car from any unforeseen damages and risks. It will cover all your financial losses due to an accident. This serves as a contract between you and your insurance company.

Do you need car insurance?

Yes, having car insurance is mandatory if you are a can owner. It will save you from future financial losses. Buying insurance with the minimum coverage is never suggested. You should consider different aspects before selecting the most suitable insurance plan for your car. If you are in a dilemma, here are some of the benefits of buying car insurance. It will help you to make the right decision.

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Why do you need car insurance?

1. Saves your money

When you have car insurance, you can save yourself and your family from significant future expenses. You have to invest a small amount of money now as your insurance fees and enjoy future benefits. You get several coverages like collision insurance, property damage liabilities, comprehensive insurance, and bodily injuries liabilities. So, if you face any accident, the insurance will cover all the expenses in the future.

2. Safeguards you and your family

When you have purchased the right insurance plan, it will protect you, your family members, the passengers, and the driver from severe losses. It will offer you the right coverage against any bodily or property damages. So, getting a car insurance quote will be your wisest decision.

3. Insured vehicle

If fire, accident, or self-ignition damages your car, you still stay safe. A good insurance policy also covers you from theft, burglary, riots, strikes, or terrorism damages. Moreover, the insurance will cover any damage or loss when your car is in transit by waterways, rail, lift, road, or air.

4. Personal damage cover

Sometimes car accidents cause serious physical injuries, which result in a permanent disability of the car owner or the passengers, and even death. Car insurances cover such personal damages. In such cases, the insurance company covers a predetermined amount after the accident. This is also applicable to the passengers.

5. Less hassle

Any car accident can be really tiring. You can save yourself from all the hassles of negotiating with other drivers and property owners involved in the accident when you have good car insurance. It will also help you in managing the repairing and replacing costs. Thus, having suitable insurance allows us to handle all these issues.

With good auto insurance quotes you can also get help with vehicle towering, replacements, and repairs. It will also cover the repairing cost of the other driver involved. So, getting a car insurance policy will help you manage everything on your behalf throughout the process.

6. Huge network

The network of your insurance company will benefit you. From their huge number of garages, you can get cashless services in different locations. So, whenever you feel the need, you can visit their garages and repair your vehicle.

7. Third-party liability coverage

If any third party is involved in your accident and faces some damages, your insurance will cover that. For any death or bodily injuries and legal liabilities, the insurance company will cover all their claims. So, after having car insurance, you stay protected from all kinds of third-party issues..

8. Zero claim bonus

One of the greatest advantages of having car insurance is, you do not pay any claim bonus. Every client is eligible for this facility for each claim-free year. This acts as a discount on the premium amount. Thus car insurance has become more affordable.

9. Peaceful driving

No matter how carefully you drive, accidents are inevitable. This is true mainly for beginners, and everyone is allowed to make mistakes. But when someone else’s mistake causes problems for you, the situation becomes tough to deal with. When you have car insurance, you can drive peacefully because you feel well-protected under their coverage.

10. Medical expenses

We cannot predict or prevent accidents. The only thing we can certainly do is, take the necessary precautions. Having a car insurance policy is one of those precautions. After an accident, car insurance can cover most of your medical expenses, which health insurance does not cover. For example, dental work or accident-related injuries are not covered by some health insurance. But do not worry! Your car insurance will cover all.


These are all the benefits of having a car insurance policy. Hope now you understand, getting car insurance is mandatory for everyone. Now you can also get your policy online. So, be it online or offline, get your insurance policy and save yourself from future expenses.

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