5 Ways to Promote Yourself as a Singer

Being a singer is one of the most magical jobs you can have.  Not only do you get to hone your skills and create a performance that people won’t forget, but you also get to gain fame and recognition for what you’ve managed to learn and teach yourself. If you want to get your name out there and start a career in music: these are the five best ways to promote yourself.

Create A TikTok

Tik Tok is quickly becoming the best way for small musicians to gain nearly overnight fame.  This app is focused heavily on sound and the importance of lyrics that people can connect to.  By packaging your music into interesting seven to fifteen-second videos and creating a personality for yourself on the app, you give yourself the chance to grow a following.

As a result, you’ll have more people use and spread your music. Just make sure that you include a link to where they can stream or download your music in your bio.

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Join Other Social Media

Other social media isn’t useless!  Currently, Instagram and Twitter are equally useful for performers.  Ensure that you upload at least two to three times a day, using your voice and personality to connect with the people around you.

On both of these apps, it’s a good idea to get to know the music community and connect with other singers.  This will allow you to gain more of a footing and network.

Book Local Gigs

Many events are looking for singers for hire year-round.  This could mean birthday parties, graduation celebrations, or dozens of other types of events.  List yourself publicly with samples of your voice, and make sure to set some clear boundaries.

It would help if you didn’t allow your skills to be taken advantage of and avoid working for experience.  Please make sure you get paid what you’re worth; you’ve honed your skills and deserve fair pay for it.

Do Jingle or Gig Singing Work

Consider doing jingle and other gig singing work.  This could mean doing radio ads, singing for commercials, or doing small bits for television.  These jobs will be useful for your reel, give you industry experience, and give you the chance to create awareness in the local area.

Although someone who sings a jingle is by no means an instant celebrity, it can raise social awareness in your town or city, which could eventually lead to more gigs.

Lend Your Voice to Other Groups

Consider singing back-up for musical groups or performers while you’re working on getting into the industry.  This action gives you booth time and ensures you can practice following directions. In addition, producers will recognize you and your talents, and you may receive credit in some albums or songs for your backup vocals.  

Becoming a singer is a lot of work, and your skills are only part of it. But, by working hard, getting your name out there, and believing in yourself, you can crack the system and get your name and voice out there!

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