Vacation Disasters and How to Prevent Them

One great way to establish a good relationship and tie with your family is by embarking on vacations. A family vacation will make you appreciate your family, but you need to know some of the vacation disasters and how to avoid them when they eventually occur. Discussed below are some vacation disasters and how to prevent them during a typical family vacation:


Missing Passport

You may discover a sudden disappearance of your traveling transport due to being stolen or lost while on a family vacation. This is the worst thing that can happen to any traveler. To prevent loss of passport, make an emergency passport kit where you will keep your passport while traveling. This should be done before you embark on your trip.

However, alert your local embassy and the police immediately if you lose your passport.  You will need to appear physically at your local embassy where you will be issued an urgent passport that will take you back to your home country.

Lost Luggage

This is a situation where the bag you have your belongings is lost in transit. To prevent loss of luggage, take out extraneous tags that can cause confusion to the scanning machine at the airport. Furthermore, avoid packing valuable things in your luggage and attach a name tag and contact information on the exterior of each luggage you have. In addition, obtain a baggage claim ticket to help you trace any lost luggage.

Go to the baggage claim area of the airline right away to complete a missing luggage form to trace your luggage. Lucky you if you find it, but if the reverse is the case, you will need to file a claim for damages against the airline. In this case, you will have to list all the items as contained in your luggage. The airline will give you the depreciated value of all the items in your bag.

Missed Flight

The truth is that if your flight is late for some hours, you may receive no explanation, discount, or apology. But if you are late and eventually missed your flight for that particular trip, you are left on your own. Have you just experienced a missed flight?

Then go to the desk of the airline right away to ask if you can be connected to the next available flight. You may be charged, depending on the airline and whether the fault is yours.

In order not to miss your flight, make sure you arrive at the airport early enough to complete the necessary processes. Go to the website of your airline to check the departure of your flight. You can go an extra mile by going online before your trip to confirm other flights to your destination on the day you are traveling. Note the flight numbers in order to know your option if the normal flight eventually leaves you.

Illness or Injury While Traveling

Receiving treatment or adequate health care in another country can be very difficult if you are injured or fall sick while traveling. To prevent this problem, make sure you look out for the phone number and address of your embassy, the emergency phone numbers of your country, and the local hospitals and English-speaking doctors prior to your traveling.

However, all you have to do if you are ill or injured while on vacation is to contact a healthcare provider immediately. However, if you run out of essential treatment, you can get in touch with your local medical practitioner who will be in the best position to prescribe to a local pharmacy.

You can also pack with you your first-aid kit, particularly if you are staying or camping in a rural area. On a final note, think about travel insurance that comprises of medical evacuation coverage.

Forgotten Necessities

If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, there are plenty of stores where you can purchase whatever you forgot. These stores are actually at the resort, so you won’t have to travel off it.


Getting Lost Without Anybody Knowing Your Location

You may get lost and find yourself stranded if you go to a location without informing anybody. To prevent this type of scenario, always make sure you tell somebody on your team about where you are going before you depart to any location. You can also inform the receptionist of your hotel about where you are going so that they will know where to search for you if you eventually miss your way or get stranded.

You Find Yourself Lacking Money

Finding yourself without cash and no opportunity to withdraw money at any available ATM or local bank can be a serious problem you can have while traveling. To prevent this problem, make sure you have some money and financial aid kit with you when traveling.  

While withdrawing money overseas can be difficult, ATMs are not always dependable. Another solution is the Western Union if your card is blocked or not acceptable, but the problem here is that you cannot get it everywhere. But you will not lack money if you carry sufficient fund with you.

Use these tips to prevent any disasters from ruining your trip. Even if something unexpectedly comes up, go with it. As long as you have a positive mindset, your trip is likely to be a great time no matter what happens.

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