Urban Planning drops to #19 from #2 in Canadian Job Rankings

Downfall for Urban Planning in Canada!

Urban Planning witnessed massive drop in ranking in Canada. With #2 in last year rank for the profession dropped to #19 in 2017! Urban Planning was backed by many reasons explaining what makes it hottest job. Growth fueled by the boom in real estate and the focus on infrastructure projects made it rise to the top of job rankings. But this year all the reasons seems to have proved the consistent growth of the profession wrong!

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Urban Planning Job Ranking - Canada

Although the rankings state a massive drop in ranking but it leaves the median salary changed marginally. Urban Planners in Canada bagged a median salary of  $85,010 in 2015 and witnessed wage growth of 15% over last 5 years. This came with a sharp 30% rise in the jobs. This positive trend for urban planners is expected to continue for many more years linked to the development of various urban areas.  and development in property market of cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Decline in urban planner job ranking

Stats for this year are as below:

Median Salary:$86,320
Salary Growth (2010–2016):+15%
Total Employees in Canada:10,200
Change in No. of Employees (2010–2016):+27%


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