Top Five Browsers That People Use on PC in 2019

The browser is one of the most important applications on a modern user’s computer. Given this, the number of browsers today is increasing geometric progression. True, much of the novelty remains unclaimed. Users prefer to use proven and reliable solutions. This is how the list of the best browsers in 2019 looks like.

Internet Browser Options

Google Chrome

Introduced in 2008, Google Chrome has rapidly won world-wide recognition. According to W3Schools, the world’s largest web developer portal, Google Chrome is used by an absolute majority of users.

Among the disadvantages: today, Google Chrome cannot claim the title of the easiest browser. On the contrary, it pretty much loads the system, so the owners of weak computers should look for something else.

But he has a lot of other benefits. First, it’s very high stability. The browser has a system for preventing crashes, so even if one tab for some reason has sunk, the user will be able to continue working with others.

Internet Browser - Google Chrome

The most important thing that the user wants from the browser – the ability to quickly find the right information and instantly switch between the open tabs. Google Chrome provides you with everything you need for a comfortable and convenient search. Also, many menu items have hotkeys that provide quick access to them.

Also in the browser, all the main options are located in the upper right corner, taking up a minimum of space on the page, leaving more space for surfing. It remains to be the first choice for many Windows 7 users, as they always can get google chrome free download latest version for windows 7 32 bit.

Google Chrome has a whole host of plugins and extensions.

Finally, Google Chrome is better than any other browser compatible with Google’s web services. If you’re used to working with Google Cloud Drive or listening to music from the Google Play Music library, it’s best to work with Google Chrome.


Opera is one of the most underrated browsers of our time. According to analysts, it uses only 1%.

The main advantages of Opera are low weight and low requirements for system resources. Also worth noting is the presence of the Turbo function, which helps to circumvent some regional blocking. In general, this browser should be set up for this function as an alternative to the main one. If you are using the Internet with limited traffic, Opera, uniquely, should become your main browser.

Internet Browser - Opera

It’s also worth mentioning the presence of a built-in ad blocker and battery-saving mode, which is very useful for laptops. In general, Opera may well claim the title of the most economic browser of the present.

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Vivaldi is a fairly young and unusual browser. It was developed by one of the founders of Opera Software. The basic idea of ​​the browser is the ability to adjust itself flexibly. True, this happens a little differently than in Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Browser - Vivaldi

Vivaldi has a huge number of settings that allow you to completely change everything in your browser’s appearance, including the location of the tabs and address bar, unique keyboard shortcuts, your mouse gestures, and more.

Of course, Vivaldi is not the fastest and most functional browser. Yes, many popular extensions that are available in Firefox or Chrome do not work in Vivaldi. However, try it at least to evaluate a fundamentally new approach to creating and configuring the browser. It is possible that you are in love with Vivaldi at a glance and will no longer refuse to use it.

Microsoft Edge

You might think it’s a joke, but we’re not kidding at all. The Edge browser is not that bad, though developed by Microsoft. The previous product of the company, Microsoft Explorer, was only to ensure that after installing the system to go online for the first time and the first thing to download a real browser. So when it became known about the development of a perfect new Microsoft Edge, many have been skeptical about the novelty. And it turned out to be in vain.

Internet Browser - Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is not as smart as Opera but consumes significantly fewer system resources than, for example, Google Chrome. The browser has some cool features, such as built-in reader mode and Cortana Voice Assistant support.

Initially, the main disadvantage of Edge was the lack of extensions, such as AdBlock. Last year, this misunderstanding was fixed, so users can now configure the browser for themselves.

Perhaps the main problem with Edge is that it only works on Windows 10. Version for other operating systems does not exist. However, the growing number of Windows 10 owners has made Edge the second most popular browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the most flexible browser of today. It’s a kind of designer that each user can change to unrecognizable thanks to countless plug-ins and extensions. A few years ago, Firefox was the most popular browser in the world, but now Chrome and Edge pushed it to third place.

Mozilla Firefox is not the fastest browser. At speed, it only slightly ahead of Google Chrome. However, much depends on the installed plugins. If you are too keen on modifications, Firefox can easily be transformed into a heavy, slow-moving monster.

Internet Browser - Mozilla Firefox

The advantage of Firefox is the high security of this browser. Experts call it one of the safest browsers of our time. Developers honestly fulfill their obligation and regularly release updates.

In general, Firefox will appeal to those users who prefer to keep everything under control and to customize each parameter of their system.