Top 5 Ways to Find Golden Nuggets

The appeal of gold has lured many miners to go and explore some of the most remote corners of planet Earth to try their luck and find a nugget or two of the elusive metal. Given that an ounce of gold is worth roughly $1,800 in today’s market, people’s fascination with gold is as intense today as it has ever been in history.

Even so, successfully finding and retrieving golden nuggets is not an easy task. First, golden nuggets are challenging to find because most of the relatively easy-to-locate nuggets were already unearthed long ago.

In addition, finding the nugget is only half the job. After that, experienced miners use activated carbon for gold recovery, which provides numerous bonding points for gold molecules. It is a process that must be done for the piece to be appropriately restored and claim its worth.


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Nevertheless, although the process is never easy and very challenging on its own, there are numerous places on Earth where a miner can successfully retrieve golden nuggets. And to locate them successfully, you’ll need to have proper tools on hand and know where to search.

Inspect an Old Mine Using a Metal Detector

Throughout the United States, there are thousands of abandoned, old gold mines. And while most of them are lost and forgotten, there’s still some gold to be found around if you know how and where to search.

However, keep in mind that old mines are somewhat dangerous, so unless you have adequate training, it’s best to stay away from the opening of the mine itself. Instead of entering the mine, you can explore the mine’s surrounding area with a professional metal detector and see what you can find.

Metal detectors are devices that consist of many precisely crafted CNC parts to form an object that works by transmitting an electromagnetic field from the search coil into the ground. If any golden nuggets are found in the electromagnetic field, they’ll eventually be energized and retransmit their own electromagnetic field.

Metal Detector

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Sometimes, there are rich gold sources around these old mines that were somehow missed by old miners and can be easily detected with the help of a metal detector. So, always use top-class metal detectors only to scan the old tailing piles and see if you can find any golden nuggets near an old mine.

Search for Gold in a River or a Creek

Skilled gold miners know that golden nuggets can easily be found in rivers and creeks. This is because the natural erosion process and the high specific gravity of gold naturally accumulate in different waterways like rivers and creeks.

Digging around the gravels of rivers and creeks can produce golden nuggets. Make sure to check out the inside bends where the water slows down because this is where gold paystreaks accumulate, and you have the highest likelihood of finding treasure.

Explore for Gold Deposits in the Deserts

If you’re a seasoned miner, you already know that conventional mining techniques don’t work in places where there’s little or no water at all. So in order to find golden nuggets in arid regions like deserts, you’ll need a unique piece of equipment called a drywasher.

This tool uses vibration and air pressure to help separate placer gold from gravel and dirt that’s shoveled into it. Even though drywashers aren’t as efficient as standard gold mining gear, they can still do a fantastic job locating golden nuggets in deserts and other dry areas.

Snipe for Golden Nuggets in Bedrock Cracks

Sniping is one of the most straightforward and effective ways to find golden nuggets these days. Because it requires more effort and attention than most other gold prospecting techniques, sniping works even in areas and sites that have been mined for centuries.

Sniping for golden nuggets in bedrock cracks means that you should simply clean out the deep cracks underwater in a river or a creek. However, in order to conduct this technique properly, you’ll need to have special sniping tools that will help you diligently clean out the cracks and get all of the rich materials out of the bottom, which is more complicated than it seems.

Suction Dredging in a River

A suction dredge is one of the most used tools for mining golden nuggets. Suction dredges have a small motor that creates a vacuum that sucks gravel from the bottom of the river. Afterward, these gravels are pulled up into a floating sluice box, which will capture the golden nuggets if there are any.

Suction dredges work well because they can process huge quantities of material compared to other mining tools and methods. However, there are a couple of challenges concerning suction dredges, including the need for adequate water to set them up, and because of their size, it may be challenging to get them in the best locations for mining.

Although this technique is extremely effective, many federal states are placing restrictions and bans in place due to the belief that they are damaging watersheds.

Suction Dredging

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Now that you know the five best ways to search for golden nuggets in 2021 get the proper equipment for your terrain and start searching. However, the key to success has more to do with adequately researching the area and understanding how to find nuggets than with the actual technique that you’ll use.