7 Tips to Prepare for Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching Certification Exams

Exam-Labs Presents: 7 Magic Tips to Prepare for Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching Certification Exams

Are you finally ready to pass the Cisco CCNP R&S exams? Do you need some excellent tips to ensure that you have all areas covered? Our Exam-Labs experts and professionals have gathered some certification exam insights to help you with your preparation process.

  1. Get practical and lab experience

The most important thing to remember is that you will need both theoretical and practical knowledge to successfully pass your exams. When you prepare for the test, you should be able to use your knowledge to apply it in real work troubleshooting and networking problems. Nothing can beat your grip on a certain area when you have practically mastered it. For every topic that you read and for every concept that you understand, it is important to practice it on real Cisco devices. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to do networking without a practical approach as every theory needs to be understood and implemented. For example, IP unreliability is a common problem, but the real topic of discussion is to determine alternative communication troubleshooting between nodes over IP.

Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching Certification Exam

  1. Take mocks tests and simulation practice

Mocks and simulation practice tests help you become aware of your strong and weak areas. This also helps you understand how well can you perform in a time monitored situation. It further gives you a glimpse of how a real-time Cisco exam would be like, and you can prepare accordingly for stressful situations. Moreover, simulation tests are highly recommended for Cisco exam preparation because a majority of questions are based on simulations only. Exam Labs equips you with the best practice tests and real exam questions provided by genuine users and supervised by experts. There are a variety of bundles, which you can choose and work with tests in a VCE format for your ease.

  1. Use reading materials

Exam Labs has all the necessary materials available where you can learn about the CCNP R&S certification, its exams, and its concepts. However, you can also take help from the Cisco Press books. Besides, try to make notes during your training classes as well. Your handwritten notes assist to get a better grip. Different books mean you have to spend more time on reading and understanding certain concepts. Your notes will also help you to revise everything and visualize your knowledge. It is good to expand your understanding by researching and adapting to new study guides, but make sure not to waste time in collecting the materials and not reading them at all!

  1. Prioritize the exam topics

Networking is a vast field that covers almost everything, but there are few topics that need to be on your tips to pass these tests. You should learn the exam objectives and understand what you will be tested on. For example, the main focus of the CCNP R&S tests is to measure your skills to troubleshoot local- and wide-area networks. A major part of your exam will cover these concepts. It would be wise to prioritize these themes and keep them at the top of your list. Exam Labs provides you with all the necessary resources for your preparation according to these requirements. These are real exam-based questions that give you a clear idea about the format and what to expect in your certification exams.

  1. Revise the information just before the exam

Before your exam date, revision and rereading of Cisco Press books are mandatory and will help you refresh your memory. Everyone tends to skip something, but a quick scan will help you identify something that you might have missed. Some topics need a second reading. Moreover, the last few weeks before the date, you should focus mainly on solving problems rather than the theoretical part. Practice as many as you can. Exam Labs allows to attempt mock tests, which will bring perfection to your preparation. Now, you should be confident about your grasp of networking concepts that your CCNP R&S certification requires.

  1. Manage time

The CCNPR&S certification exams include a broad range of questions that are based on planning and verification of networking skills. Further emphasis is made on routing and switching protocols, technologies, and various operating systems. The total time for these questions is 120 minutes. To ensure that you are able to manage your time accordingly, practice as many as you can at Exam Labs. Here, exam dumps are available. They are relevant and up-to-date. Using the Exam Labs preparation materials and resources, you can easily get the CCNP Routing and Switching certification to boost your career greatly.

  1. Take a break from work

The exams and preparation for them can be stressful. Surely, it takes an extreme amount of hard work to achieve what you dream of, but simultaneously, it is important to take care of yourself and not push too hard. Eat well and get a healthy amount of sleep, especially on the last couple of days before your exams. Give yourself breaks and go out once in a while for fresh air.


You need to remember that this is just a part of your training and experience in solving real-life problems. Hence, try not to panic during the exam. Go with the flow and try to attempt as many questions as you can. You must keep all of these points in your mind as they will certainly help you pass your CCNP R&S certification exams easily. With hard work and dedication, nothing can stop you from achieving what you truly deserve. Therefore, with Exam Labs by your side, you do not need to worry about legitimate questions and practice tests as it is the best platform to solve all your problems.