5 Effective Tips to Inspire Your Website Visitors 

If you are running a website then you know how hard it is to acquire and retain new visitors. With so many websites offering different products and services competition is at its highest peak. That is why companies are spending big bills on advertisements and marketing. It’s harder if you are starting and operating on a budget. However, there are cheaper ways to lure visitors into your site, one of them using your website design.

It is every business website’s wish to lure visitors and win their confidence. E-commerce website especially needs to make their websites attractive enough or they may end up with abandoned carts, which is not good for business. Winning their trust allows you to maximize your profits and your overall website income. People look beyond the business and want to deal with the person behind the website. If they can trust you as a person, they can also trust your business. So, how do you win their hearts and build trust using your website design? In this post, we will explore 5 effective website tips to inspire your visitors when looking for web design services. Read on for greater understanding.

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  1. Use Attractive Designs: Attention span refers to the time a visitor spends to look for appropriate information on a given website. It keeps on reducing due to easy access of information. Different factors can affect attention span they include speed and website design. You have less than 5 seconds to impress your visitors so make it count. You can’t achieve this using a poorly designed website with cluttered design. You need to create professional designs that relate to your online business. There is no room for unnecessary fluff that clogs the visitor mind. Make your web pages intuitive for visitors to find what they are looking for fast. The home page should bare all the qualities of a welcoming website. Keep it simple with few straightforward options.
  2. Make your Site Easy to Navigate: What puts off first-time visitors is a cluttered web page with an unclear navigation path. If you don’t simplify the navigation process, visitors are more likely to move to another website that is welcoming. First-time visitors are quite unforgiving and once you fail to impress them, they’ll leave you for good. Navigation should be clear and objective for an easier buying decision. Have straightforward categories and navigation that guides the visitors where they want to go without much hassle. It should be obvious with no guesswork. Vital elements of your website designer should be placed above the fold, which is the first section of that screen that people see when they visit your website. You can put here available offers and deals of the day. These should be visible enough without caroling down the screen.
  3. Include Trust Signals: With many scam websites out there, trust is hard to win. You can improve on this by employing trust signals. This is features found in your website that encourage first-time visitors to trust you. A study carried out by Taylor Nelson Sofres in 2006, revealed that 70% of web purchases are abandoned due to trust issues contributing to an annual loss of $1.9 billion. You can use the following trust signals to gain trust.
    1. Include reviews and reviews: Visitors trust their fellow visitors who have had a positive experience with your website, therefore, include statements about how other people regard your products. This has a powerful mojo of convincing new visitors to buy your products. Having people talk about your products authenticates your legitimacy.
    2. Include contact and communication: Although e-commerce websites spreading like wildfire and many shoppers are buying stuff through them, they still need physical elements to substantiate the store’s legitimacy. You can win their trust by including location and contact info.
    3. Provide payment assurance: You can instill credibility and trust by providing different reliable and reputable payment methods. Include third-party badges and certifications to add more weight.
  4. Create Great Content: With unique and quality content that meets the needs of your website visitors, you can easily lure and keep new visitors. People are looking for content every day and not just any content. The content should pass your visitor’s desired information clearly and understandably. This leads to better engagement and higher conversion rates. To help you deliver quality content, you need to use correct grammar than is simple and easy to understand. This is should reflect in all your web content. Headlines carry a lot of weight in your content, you should, therefore, place them correctly on your content to command your visitor’s attention. Don’t forget the wordings in your call to action. They need to be visible with bright colors to provoke the visitor to take significant action.
  5. Offer Incentives: Getting and converting new visitors is costly compared to retaining loyal customers. However, 50% of traffic comes from new visitors so the best way to reach out to new visitors is by offering incentives. One way to do this is offering coupon code for first-time visitors to enjoy from their previous purchases. Price cuts are also another great way to win over new visitors. The best way to convince first-time visitors is to never go back when you’ve promised them something. Honestly is the best policy anywhere anytime. Be transparent and don’t create doubt in your visitor’s mind.


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Running any website whether personal or business requires patience and determination to cut through the overwhelming competition. First-time visitors are important as they contribute slot in your site traffic. Creating great intuitive websites is a wonderful way of capturing and retaining new visitors. Building trust in your first time visitor should be prioritized especially in an e-commerce website. You should also improve navigation points on your website to make it easier for visitors to find what they want fast. Following these tips will guarantee you more visitors and increase conversion rates. It also helps you rank high in Google boosting your domain authority.

Author Bio: Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at NamanModi.com, He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneurs launches their first successful online business.

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