7 Tips to Hire a PPC Freelancer

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is a well-known model used for doing internet marketing. The advertisers pay a fee to the PPC freelancer or agency every time one of their ads is clicked. There are both the PPC freelancers and the PPC agencies that help a business in doing their marketing effectively. If you need a Pay per Click (PPC) freelancer for your business, you must look for a few things in them. Finding a good freelancer can help you in a profitable advertising campaign. In this article, we discuss some of the things you must keep in mind before hiring a PPC Freelancer for your company. We also mention some of the qualities that are necessary to look up for in a PPC Freelancer before hiring them.

Check for the certification they have

Before you hire a PPC specialist, check if they have AdWords Certification. Ask them for their certificate. Ask them to share their Google Partners Page with you if any.

For gaining Search Certification, they must have passed two AdWords exams. Two exams are conducted to earn the AdWords certification. The first exam is the Fundamental Exams, and it tests the applicant for their knowledge of the basics of AdWords. The second exam is the Advanced Search Exams that tests the applicant for their knowledge for the advanced concepts. The tests are quite rigorous. One needs a deep understanding of AdWords platform to clear these two exams.

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Is any book or eBook written by them?

Writing a book or eBook is not easier work and cannot be done by all PPC freelancers. You can even say that even if they have it written, they are only the best, and it shows that they are highly experienced ones. For the freelancers who have written a book or an eBook, they must have enough experience, and thus they can be trusted.

Of course, you need to check out the book written by them. Try to read it and also check if it has any reviews. Not all books need to be great.

On the other hand, writing a book helps you understand the author’s thinking and processes. If you feel satisfied with their thinking, they may provide a great management service to you.

Look For Their Reviews Online

All AdWords freelancers have online reviews. These should be visible whenever you look for them online. These should also be visible when their profile on the freelancer website they use when checked. Good reviews indicate that the freelancer has a good experience and they would be a great candidate to work with. For the freelancers with a rating below 95%, you need to think cautiously before hiring him. Generally, working with a PPC Freelancer over 97% positive rating must be considered.

Ask Them How Much Do They Charge?

A PPC Agency charges more than a PPC Freelancer. The freelancers are unlikely to employ anyone and own fewer overheads. This leads to fewer operating costs for them, and thus, they charge less.

Figures say average PPC specialists are supposedly charging £50 per hour. They generally demand 5 hours to research. After the research, they set up a new campaign. So, to start a new PPC Campaign, you need to pay about £250 for its setup.  The costs for management start from £250 per month and goes up to £500. At times, costs also increase depending on the volume of work.

Enquire Whom They Have Worked With

Reach out for those who they’ve worked with. If they have a website of their own, check the portfolio if they have one. Ask the freelancer to share their work based on some case studies or reviews, if they have written any, to know about the type of clients they have worked with in the past.

You must look if the freelancer has some experience to set up and manage AdWords campaigns. Check for the service businesses they have worked with if you are someone in the service business.

Ask if they have reports, case studies, or similar?

For the freelancer who has a website, look up to their website. Check if there are reports or case studies based on Pay per Click Advertising. Check if they have written any. You can also ask them to send their work directly to you. You can also look for the profile of freelancer on People per Hour.

 This is important because if any PPC Freelancer can invest time to create the work, he/she will take your work seriously. You can trust working with them, and they will likely take the requirements you give seriously.

Look For Their Communication Skills

Look for the PPC freelancer who owns some solid communication skills. The communication skills must include Verbal Communication, Written Communication, ability to listen, and willingness to ask questions. Finding a good PPC freelancer is necessary for effectively running campaigns. There are many freelancers to choose from, but you need to be careful before choosing one. Hope this article is helpful to you in learning some of the tips to hire PPC specialist.

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