Tips for Writing a Good Essay and Getting a High Grade

What is the definition of a good essay? An essay that is easy to read? The one full of advanced vocabulary and fact-packed?

Now, depending on the paper type, a good essay will always be defined differently. For example, for argumentative essays, the presence of strong evidence and proof is crucial. Descriptive essays, on the contrary, don’t aim to prove anything but rather need attention to detail in describing things and phenomena to the reader.

As you can see, there’s no all-matching template for an academic essay. Yet, here we are going to share universal tips for you to avoid stress when creating essay papers. These tips will apply to any type of essay, so feel free to adapt them for your own writing!

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College Essay Writing

Essay Writing Tips and Tricks for Inexperienced Students

Even if you aren’t a freshman anymore and still feel like you lack experience in writting papers for college, do not despair. To polish your writing skills and go to a higher level, you just need a few insights and practice.

Before getting down to tips, let us first remind you of the 3 key stages that essay writing consists of. Since the most frequent essay written at college and universities is argumentative, we will describe the stages of writing this one.

  • Preparation: In the beginning, you should either decide on a topic or dwell on the given topic for the essay. Next, do research to find out the key information, gather facts, real-life examples, and statistics. Think about where they can be used in the paper. Many students find it useful to write an essay plan at this stage as well.
  • Writing: Define the main point you want to convey through the paper and formulate it in one sentence. Don’t worry if you change it later: it is meant to change along the process. Draw a chain of evidence to support the thesis and think about their order. Coming up with an excellent paper doesn’t happen with only one attempt. Make sure you create at least 1 draft before the final version.
  • Editing and revision: Don’t take it too easy. Check everything: content, spelling, organization, and sequencing of arguments and sentences, grammar, formatting, vocabulary. If possible, give the paper for someone to look through. Your professor or peer will suit this task perfectly.

Don’t shy away from asking for feedback. Your teacher will appreciate the effort, and classmates will be even more open to cooperation! Following these three stages is important if you want to persuade the reader.

Now, to tips and tricks that will help you create A+ essays.

Tip 1: Spark the interest

The essay should ignite curiosity from the very beginning. Make sure your introduction sets the right tone and grabs the reader’s attention. This is often done by introducing a funny fact, making a thought-provoking statement, or asking a question. This will add up to highlighting the relevance of the topic and will make the audience read on.

Tip 2. Give background and never introduce arguments out of context.

Arguments are best understood in the context — the background information that helps perceive them correctly and simplify specific phenomena. This also applies to explaining terms. But don’t provide too many details. Be sufficient but leave the tasty details for the body.

Tip 3. Formulate thesis well.

Thesis is the central argument for essays that in argumentative papers serves to reveal the author’s standpoint on the topic. Make it brief — one sentence (rarely two).

Tip 4. Include transitions (hints).

The text is easier to read if you mark the beginning of a new argument or signal what the next paragraph is going to cover. These markers also include cohesive markers (linking words) and help the essay be perceived as a unified whole.

Tip 5. Make the body part 60-80% of the essay.

The body reveals the key content and arguments and should comprise up to 80 % of the text. For example, high school students need just 3 paragraphs of the body, whereas university students might have a task to write 5,000 words where the body makes nearly 7-9 pages.

Tip 6. Make body paragraphs organized.

All paragraphs should have a clear structure and be dedicated to one main point or argument. This point is expressed in a topic sentence and is followed by evidence and other data from credible sources (articles, literature, reference books, documentaries, etc.). It is important not just to include facts and proofs but also to show your interpretation and how they contribute to the main thesis.

Tip 7. Make a powerful recap.

As a final paragraph, the conclusion returns to the thesis but reformulates it in other words. A strong essay will always have a conclusion that links all the previously mentioned arguments and shows the prospects for further development of the point. Sometimes it’s great to have the final statement intriguing and memorable.

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