Time travel (1984 to 2016) through Google’s Earth Engine Timelapse!

How Earth changed over past 4 decades, captured by Google!

Human Existence on earth is very insignificant comparing it to the formation and evolution of Earth. Yet we have managed to create both marvelous & horrific things in very short span of time. Most of the things are not readily available and remains off record or available only with few individual or organisation. But Google Earth made possible to view what all activities tool place on Earth’s surface.

From construction of a house to large harbours to airports to cities! Everything has been captured by Google through its satellite images. And now Google compiled and made available a series of timelapse videos through Earth Engine Timelapse  of most visible & famous changes which took place over years!

Comprising 5 million satellite images from 1984 to 2016, Timelapse enables you to zoom in on any corner of the world and see what has happened to that area over the period, from the explosive growth of China’s cities to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Timelapse is a global, zoomable video that lets you see how the Earth has changed over the past 32 years.

Top 5 Handpicked videos for you are shown below!

  1. Dubai – One of  the”Hottest” place to visit  😉 Construction of Palm Islands & whole Infrastructure in few seconds!

2 Chongqing City, China witnessing a growth of 10 million people in 3 decades (1985 to 2015)

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  1. Denmark:  A 12-kilometre bridge-tunnel connecting Copenhagen & Malmö which were separate till year 2000. These are now connected by rail & road!

  1. Glacier: Global warming and other devastating activities resulted in shrinking glaciers this video shows how Columbia Glacier in Alaska has shrunk.

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  1. Lakes: Egypt’s Toshka Lakes once formed by overspill from the nearby Sadat Canal in the late 1990s are now part of history. Draught, rising temperature and ever rising demand for water made them disappear!

It is made from 33 cloud-free annual mosaics, one for each year from 1984 to 2016, which are made interactively explorable by Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab’s Time Machine library, a technology for creating and viewing zoomable and pannable timelapses over space and time. Watch more videos or entire collection on Earth Engine Timelapse.

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