Technology Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of Employee Training

Unlike a few years ago, businesses of all shapes and sizes, across industries are starting to engage in employee training. The combination of incredible benefits that can be derived from employee training initiatives and affordable and accessible elearning tools make employee training a lucrative undertaking.

Just like all other industries, the technology in the learning and development industry has made noteworthy strides in the past few years. Today, learning administrators and organisations have access to cutting edge tools and strategies that allow them to create engaging training experiences that are designed to aid maximum knowledge retention and comprehension.

The best part is, the future of elearning looks even brighter. As technology advances, training professionals can expect to be equipped with even more impactful tools.

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Employee Online Training

In this article, we will be looking at the upcoming technological trends in elearning that we think will revolutionise the way we deliver employee training:

Video Conferencing Software

While it is true that video conferencing software are not a new or upcoming technology, we have only started to realise their potential in delivering immersive training experiences.

With video conferencing software, organisations and instructors have the ability to turn instructor-led sessions into virtual instructor-led sessions (VILT).The current pandemic has forced educators all over the world to deliver education by using video conferencing software and the results have been promising.

If used right, these software have the ability to significantly reduce the cost of delivering instructor-led training, making it accessible to even the most bootstrapped businesses. They eliminate the need for instructors to travel and for organisations to invest in classroom infrastructure.

With more and more conferencing software now offering training specific features like virtual whiteboards, we expect them to be used for delivering training even after social distancing is not a necessity.

Personalised Training With AI

A survey revealed that 77% learning and development professionals believe that personalised training is critical to improved employee engagement.

With that said, introducing personalisation in employee training manually can turn out to be an overwhelming task. Thankfully, artificial intelligence technology has presented the learning industry with a viable solution.

AI based learning assistants are already available in many learning management systems and learning experience platforms. These learning assistants or mentors have the ability to use machine learning algorithms to understand the preferences, existing skills, and existing skill gaps of individuals, and create a learning path that acts on these granules of information.

In other words, AI technology has the potential to improve training outcomes and effectiveness while reducing time taken to complete the training and in turn, an organisations’ cost of training an employee.

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Mobile Based Training

Many of the upcoming technologies in the learning and development sector are aimed at making learning more accessible. In a world where nearly half the human population uses smartphones, it only makes sense to prepare to deliver training on mobile devices. Technologies like augmented reality training and geofencing and training concepts like microlearning and just in time training are best implemented when training is delivered on mobile devices.

As a result, the future of learning will have many more responsive training experiences that learners can simply carry in their pockets. The best part is, converting legacy training content in a mobile friendly format is not a difficult task and many top learning management systems are already offering mobile apps. This means, you can start preparing for the future and delivering training on mobile devices almost immediately!


These were the three technological trends that we think will have significant influence over the future of employee training. Did we miss out on a trend that you have been following? Share it with us in the comment section below!