5 Secret Techniques To Improve PTE Academic Score

There are many English language tests available for study abroad and immigration, but PTE (Pearson Test of English Language) has gained popularity in a short period of time. It is because its a computer-based exam, and easy availability of test dates round the year. So anybody can book the PTE exam online at their nearest Pearson test center. Even though PTE also produce fast results as compared to other English language test and assess your English skills by providing the four necessary language keys such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening. With the PTE exam score, students can achieve their ambition for higher education in the most reputed international universities. Find here the top 5 Secret techniques that can improve your PTE academic score quickly.

PTE Exam Tips

Before jumping on the top 5 secrets, you must know your understanding level of the English language. It will help you to achieve better score in the PTE academic exam. So focus on your weak areas such as writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Once you know the weak point, apply these five secret techniques for score improvement in the PTE exam.

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Know the PTE exam format and assess your English knowledge:

PTE exam format is different from other English languages. So if you are planning for the PTE exam for the first time, then you must be familiar with the PTE exam format. For this, you can use the online study material or choose an online free PTE practice platform. It is the best method that can enhance your PTE exam skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening; also, you will know the Exam pattern list below.

  • Exam duration and Question timing: Once you sign up in the Free PTE practice platform, you will be aware of the PTE exam duration and question time frame of each section.
  • Quantity of Question: In the PTE exam pattern, each section has various questions. Thus each PTE question has multiple volumes, so you will be aware of the number of questions asked by the PTE exam.
  • PTE exam Layout: In this, you will be aware of the sequence of the question. And know the starting and endpoint of PTE questions.
  • Instructions: In this, you will get to know about how to start the exam and what you should keep in mind before beginning the PTE exam.
  • Types of Question: In this, you will know the variety of questions and assess your skills by responding to all the questions.

1. Enhance Your Vocabulary Skills

Follow the below tips to enhance your vocabulary skills and improve your score in the PTE exam.

  • Read a Lot: Reading is the best practice to improve your vocabulary. Start reading anything in which you have an interest and understand the meaning. The more you read, you will be able to explore your words in the English language. If you read the newspaper, magazine, online article, or your favorite novels, note down the difficult words and use those words in your routine.
  • Keep pocket dictionary: Wherever and whatever you read, whenever you find the new words, prefer to use the dictionary to know the pronunciation and its meaning. Also, explore the words by obtaining similar words, phrases, and its opposite ((synonyms and antonyms, respectively) words.
  • Play word games: For vocabulary improvement, word game is a beneficial and challenging task. It makes fun and memorable thing to remember the difficult words. It is a kind of puzzle that expands your vocabulary by discovering the new words, You can play various games such as crossword puzzles, jumble, and scrabble, etc.

2. Develop English Listening Skills

In the PTE Academic exam, you will listen to live lecture voice in the British and American accents. The live lecture is a bit difficult to understand for non-native speakers. So you should prepare yourself accordingly and be familiar with British and American accents English language. For this follow the below tips:

  • Watch the English Movie: By watching the English movies, you will able to understand the pronunciation in British and American Accents, and this way, you can Maximise your PTE exam scores rapidly.
  • Listen to Podcast from the Native speakers in British and American Accents: Podcast from native speaker helps your listening power and makes your observation in the English language powerful.

3. Tips for English Writing Skills

In this task, you will get the two types of questions: summarize written text in one sentence and essay writing. Therefore, some of the students struggle to develop strong skills in the English writing language. Here are a few tips that you can use in your PTE writing exam.

  • Read the guidelines before start the PTE Writing Exam and write up (200-300 words) in the essay exam.
  • Peruse the subject and know the sort of exposition.
  • Make sure you are writing in PTE academic exam.
  • Don’t use the bullet points in the essay writing.
  • Write in a clear paragraph wise.
  • Don’t use the jargon words.

4. Tips for PTE Reading Skills

In this, you will attempt various types of questions such as Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer, Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers, Re-order paragraphs, Reading, and Writing: Fill in the blank. So you need to understand the formats and methods for skim the vital text. For this, follow the below tips and tricks for a good score in the PTE reading exam.

Tips and techniques:

  • Do not spend much more time on the single task.
  • Skim the essential words which start from the noun, collective noun, etc.
  • Use proper grammar.
  • Use good vocabulary.
  • Learn how to use similar words in the paragraph.

5. Do Practice with Scored and Unscored PTE Practice test:

With the PTE practice test, you will get a clear vision of the Real PTE exam; also, you will able to develop your techniques in the PTE exam. With the PTE scored and unscored mock test, you will sharpen your skills by managing the time bounding of each question and able to attempt all the exams securely. It is an excellent strategy to improve the score and perform better in the PTE exam.

Author Bio: I am Madhuri working in the education industry for five years. I love to read and write articles related to the immigration and English Exam preparation for study abroad. Here I am writing about the PTE exam preparation secret techniques. If you like, please share this article in your friend circle and write your thoughts in the comment section.

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