How to Start an Online Auction Business

It is estimated that the majority of retail sales in the future will be derived from online sales. Online buyers are most cases impulse buyers,and if an item is affordable and available, they don’t care so much about convenience in terms of how long it will take to reach them. The online auction business is also on a rapid rise,and this means more high value and quality items are available for purchase by buyers from different demographics and geographical locations. The increased level of internet connections means increased internet users and ultimately more buyers. It also is proven that online retailers who have shifted their focus to auctions as a sales strategy boast of more repeat clients, better sales and consumer-targeted promotional sales.


Starting an online auction business, therefore, requires some previous experience in auctioning such as bidding on an item on an auction site. This way, you are familiar with the process. The capital needed is very minimal,and you can start it just by having access to a computer and efficient internet. The basic requirements to join an auction website are your personal details and payment terms. The parent website mostly controls the charges posted per item. Earnings are derived from sales made,and you get a percentage of the agreeable price with the host.

Before posting items on sale, it is important to conduct some SEO basics. Get to know what items have a higher demand and what sales strategy has been implemented to drive these sales.

Why you need to check other online auction sites first

Understanding the nature of your work is very vital. Check out how auction sites perform in terms of customer service, user experience, aftersale services, modes of payment and advertising techniques. Also, familiarize yourself with auction sites that specialize in your product market. This way, you understand the dynamics involved. For example, if you are planning on selling used industrial equipment check out bidsuite to learn how they conduct their industrial auction marketing. Other industries in the online market place include consumables such as food, finance, insurance, real estate, transport, and art.

Additionally, it is crucial to be familiar with standard operating and bidding procedures and site policy. This way you will have an idea on what to highlight on your help or policy section. Of importance to note are the different types of auctions and bidding strategies used by consumers.

Understand your market

Before deciding on what to sell,conduct intensive background research on the most requested items, your competitor’s high-performance niche,and customer feedback. This is important because you need to identify the missing link in buyer-seller relationship and establish a unique product. In most cases, you will be tempted to auction items that have a high demand but be aware of risks such as that item going out of the market, and you don’t have alternative items for sale. Stay ahead of the market and familiarize yourself with buyer behavior and change patterns.

Develop an inventory

When you finally settle on what you wish to sell, develop an impressive inventory that will capture the attention of varying buyer needs. Have proper product descriptions to display on your site with beautiful pictures to go along with them. Compare description with competitor sites and see what works and what you can imitate. Always use correct keywords in your product descriptions and inform the buyer on any defects to develop customer trust and loyalty.

Create an online retail store

Develop a catch business domain name and a logo for your site. Make your website user-friendly in terms of page loading speed and ease of finding items on sale. It is essential to note that not everyone stays at their computer the whole day and that your site should provide a mobile app for download to suit mobile users. Remember to have your contact section and a customer feedback section. Establish a prompt response culture so that interested buyers do not move on to the next seller due to delays.

The information above is a primary online auction business start up and should not be your main focus as an entrepreneur. Conduct research on how the future of online business looks like and position yourself now.

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