Speed limits on Google Maps – Yes it exists now!

Google Map – Speed Limit Feature (Now Live!)

Google Maps is certainly the widest used maps available among the few available today. Google attempts to make its services and products better and is known to respond to the request and feedback of the users and customers. Google is testing its new feature to provide speed limits on its maps while navigating. The feature is currently in beta phase and restricted to few users so do not worry if this is not being displayed in your Google Maps.


This is how change look like!

Google has now responded to the most frequently made request of adding speed limits to its Google Maps Road. This was for various reasons and might be to avoid getting a over-speeding ticket along with safety. Users have now started seeing speed limits for a particular part of road. As per Google Maps APIs

” The Google Maps Roads API returns the posted speed limit for a given road segment. In the case of road segments with variable speed limits, the default speed limit for the segment is returned.

The accuracy of speed limit data returned by the Google Maps Roads API cannot be guaranteed. The speed limit data provided is not real-time, and may be estimated, inaccurate, incomplete, and/or outdated. Inaccuracies in our data may be reported through the Google Map Maker service.”

As per Reddit User claims to see the change in the Google Map which reflected the speed limit while commuting as shown below



As per another Riddit user the speed limits is shown as a small notification on bottom right side.


Moreover as per Google

The speed limit service is available only to Google Maps APIs Premium Plan customers with an Asset Tracking license.

This service is not yet available for all users across all devices. Only some of the users and softwares which uses Google Maps API in their backend will be provided this information as for now. But this is taken as a welcoming step as with the testing of this feature it is expected that this feature will be released for all users soon. The information can be used in number of ways. This feature is not yet available for most of the android users and will take about a few months to roll out in its final state. Anyways, it can be seen as a great and necessary start for making a better and safer human settlements.

How does this helps and what to expect?

Google attempt to provide information about speed limit comes after a top request from users and aims at improving safety of its users. There are numerous possible ways to help in increasing safety and awareness for the driver. For instance, driving over the prescribed speed limits can provide a warning to alert the driver to slow down on the road. This will help in ensuring that driver obey the traffic rules and also safety of pedestrians and other users of road is ensured. This can additionally help in avoiding a ticket for over-speeding if the driver takes required action.

For driver-less cars/technology it can be used to provide information to the system about the speed limit of the road on the vehicle is operating thus helping in making a driver-less car more safe.

Google Documentation can be accessed here: Introduction to the Google Maps Roads API, Google Maps Roads API Speed Limit

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