Alumni Engagement, Opinion, and Studies Matrix

Objective of the Info graphs prepared is to make budding Planners aware of sectors, nature, engagement, certificate courses, and higher studies options available via information shared by pass outs of SPA Delhi Bachelor of Planning department.

Alumni engagement matrix represents various dynamic career sector, nature, and organizations that Bachelor of Planning department pass-outs are/were engaged. In order to understand engagement of Alumni over various sectors data regarding the employment was collected from a sample of 332 students from a tenure of 2006 to 2020. It gives an idea to juniors about opportunities and scope available in market for them. The engagement is not solely limited to Planning departments. Alumni Opinion matrix was prepared from data collected from a sample of 62 farmers from a tenure of graduation from 1992 to 2019 to make students aware about pros and scope for improvement in the department. The calculations are done in set of answers in form of ratings (best 5, and worst 1) to questions regarding Department and Course put forth.

Alumni Higher Studies Matrix was prepared from data collected from a sample size of 332 students from graduation tenure of 1992 to 2019. The representation is in form of a scalogram, that represents various Colleges and Courses(certain specific course names are generalized to reduce the numbers) that Alumnus had pursued. One may streamline studios and activities as per their interest, alongside begin research about course and colleges.


Data sources : Primary survey by Prabhat YadavDeeptanshu Singh, Pratim Sankar Talukdar, Monokrishna Das and valuable contribution from ‘Beplanners’ and Riya Gupta effort of Alumni database compilation.

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