Quick start guide to installing solar panels in your house in Dubai

Have you ever thought about installing solar panels on your rooftop but don’t know how to go about it? Check out this easy infographic to help get you started!

Most residents or homeowners in Dubai have looked at ways to reduce their utility bills especially when summer hits. We know that installing solar panels is good for the environment. But it is also a great way of taking advantage of the abundant sun we receive to reduce electricity bills. Whether you are a homeowner, long-term resident or don’t know for how long you will be in Dubai, you can still benefit from installing solar panels. Sandhya Prakash from Beacon Energy Solutions & Technology, a turnkey energy management and solar provider, talks us through the process for residential villas in Dubai.

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Solar Panel Installation Guide Dubai

(Infographic questions)

  • Where do I begin? Before you approach a solar provider you need to gather your electricity bills, rooftop drawings and think about your budget. Electricity bills will decide if you are a heavy user (AED 5000-6000 electricity bill per month), medium user (AED 3000-4000 electricity bill per month) or light user (AED 1200-1500 per month).
  • What are my constraints? For residential villas the space is the biggest constraint. Shading analysis may eliminate more space than you think you have available.
  • Can I aim for a zero electricity bill? Yes! Depending on your consumption (heavy, medium or light user) you can produce about 40-50% (for medium users) of your consumption through solar panels. If you are a light user, you can easily achieve a zero bill!
  • How much will this cost me? Depending on your preference it can cost between AED 4000-6000 to install 1 KW Solar Rooftop Plant for electricity  production from solar panels. Currently, the ROI for a residential villa is about 5-8 years.
  • How long does the process take? Assessment, design, No Objection and Inspections from DEWA, DM approvals and the installation process takes about 12 to 17 weeks.
  • Do I need to go to a solar provider? You will need to approach an approved solar provider on DEWA’s list to able to gain all the necessary certificates to install the solar panels and connect to the current electricity grid.
  • I don’t currently have a budget for this. Is there something else I can start with? Of course! You can start with installing solar powered lights as part of outdoor landscaping. What’s better, this can easily be a DIY project if you prefer. Or choose to run your entire hot water requirement on solar thermal technologies.
  • I live in an apartment. What can I do? If your balcony receives enough sunlight, you can start by installing solar powered lights in your balcony. Speak to your neighbours and perhaps together you can convince your facilities management team to adopt more climate responsive solutions in your building for waste disposal, composting, rooftop gardens, retrofitting your building with centralized solar powered water heating system and more.
  • I already have solar panels in my villa. Is there anything else I can do? Yes, there is. Does the air conditioning system in your villa need an upgrade? Go for a solar thermal air conditioning unit. This is guaranteed to reduce your air conditioning bill by half! Energy management is a continuous process. Get in touch with experts to find out more about electricity and water saving in the UAE.

Author Bio: Karishma Asarpota is an urban planner, researcher and a blogger interested in writing about climate change related issues.

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