4 Simple Home Projects to Do Yourself

Most of us simply accept the high prices that come with hiring a contractor, and there are undeniably jobs that are best left to a professional. On the other hand, there are projects you can easily do yourself without needing to call an expert. 

One of the most obvious is taking care of your lawn. With tools like an electric grass trimmer or a cordless lawnmower, any homeowner can easily maintain their yard without having to call a professional landscaper. Unfortunately, many homeowners overestimate the complexity of a number of other home maintenance and home repairs that are actually quick and easy to perform yourself.

Home Improvement - DIY

It can be overwhelming to start working on your own home, especially if you don’t have experience with hands-on work. That said, you’ll end up saving a lot of money and gaining valuable skills over time. These are a few of the easiest projects to start with.

Faucet Leaks

Most faucet leaks are caused by washers, which degrade over time and need to be replaced regularly. Rather than immediately calling a plumber, you can check your washers quickly to make sure there isn’t a deeper problem. To replace old washers, you’ll need to turn off your home’s water supply in order to remove the handle and look at the washers. Faucet washers are available from a range of online and physical vendors, and buying them yourself is much cheaper than calling a plumber for this quick and easy fix.


It’s easy to forget about your gutters throughout the year, as they’re not easily visible and you likely won’t notice any issues until they become major problems. You can save yourself both time and money by checking and maintaining your gutters regularly rather than waiting to pay for costly repairs. Gutter debris often prevents water from flowing and makes the gutters difficult to clean, so inspect your home’s gutters semi-annually and take out debris to improve flow. Left unchecked, dirty gutters will stop diverting water over time, eventually leading to massive water damages.

Air Conditioning Filters

Many people aren’t even aware of the need to replace filters in their air conditioner, but you should switch your filter out at least once a month, and even more often during the warmer months. The pricey HEPA filters are often recommended, but fiberglass filters are cheaper and offer even better airflow and energy efficiency. Over time, you’ll spend a lot more on HEPA filters with little to no noticeable benefits.


It’s often worth hiring a professional for more labor-intensive refrigerator projects, but many issues can be traced back to an imperfect seal. Even small gaps between the door and the refrigerator’s body can significantly degrade your energy efficiency and wear out your refrigerator more quickly. You can check the seal on your door by putting a dollar bill in the space, closing the door, and trying to remove it. If there’s anywhere on the door where you can get it out easily, you probably need a new seal. These can be found at any hope repair shop.

It can be intimidating to perform your first home project, but you’ll thank yourself later when you have more money to spend or save. Once you’ve successfully completed these simple jobs, you’ll be confident enough to start working on more complicated repairs.