How Can You Do Your Bit In Saving The Environment While Using Your Social Media Apps

Social media is one of the most significant tools that have helped in bringing change time and again. After acknowledging the potential of social media, even the environment sector has embraced it in a huge way. In the last decade, we have seen a drastic change in the way these platforms have been used. Undoubtedly, it has made a significant impact on the environment. Recently it has also been noticed that social media has always been a medium to bridge the educational gap for people about any environmental problem and creating an impactful situation.

Our environment is a resource that has been shared amongst all the living creatures, but it has always been threatened by the rapid expansion of activities. With the help of social media platforms, many environmentalists have proactively prevented a lot of damage to the environment. Though many people bank on the written content and images, videos are also equally important and impactful. In recent times we have seen that video content has better reach and is seen by more people. But one thing to keep in mind is that most people only watch any video until the end only if they liked the intro. You know what they say, the first impression matters more than anything. That stands extremely corrected here, so make sure you have a good intro. To get the help you need, bank on a good online intro maker software or tool.

Social Media Accounts

Listed below are a few areas where social media has brought a difference.

Connect with more people
It is not wrong to say that when there is a pandemic, all the platforms that provide a good connection with the audience are the best bet to bring about a difference. One thing that social media thrives on is the connection it creates between people and the cause. It takes a few moments to craft a social media post using the right hashtags, and everything is set ablaze. You reach out to a large community, and they keep the chain of re-posting going on and on. In today’s world, generally, a person spends more than 4 hours just posting and scrolling through his social media platforms. So a message to save the environment can spread rapidly to a huge crowd if communicated in an impactful manner.

  1. It gives you recognition: Before social media platforms were introduced, you needed to have a tie-up with some reputed firm to reach out to a large crowd. But in today’s day and age, even a single individual with a strong voice can reach out to a massive audience and get good engagement. If you are an activist, all you need to do is express your views and feelings with an engaging post on your wall. This liberty has propelled many activists to actively engage with their followers and educate them about the environmental problems and things they can do to help bring out a change for good. E.g. During the great Australian forest fire, many individuals shared information and reached out to a lot of officials and recovery units using Facebook and Instagram posts. After becoming aware of the situation,  a huge amount of people from across the world came up with different ideas of saving the vegetation and wildlife. This is just one of the cases that shows how much of an impact social media can have on social welfare and wellbeing activities.
  2. Helps a lot during specific campaigns: We’ve seen and observed many campaigns regarding environmental issues until now. Many activists have been working hard to bring a vast variety of issues to the forefront, like various endangered species being poached and other ecological problems that a natural habitat may be experiencing. At times, even the higher authorities may dig into the matter, but most of the time we don’t see this happening. Social media plays a vital role in the second scenario. When the officials do not pay any heed to what an environmentalist is trying to achieve, he or she can take the social media route. By posting about the problem, cause, and solution to the problem, they create awareness and a sense of care about the situation among a large number of people. Once this happens, it adds to the pressure on the officials. Post this, the people make decisions quicker than before.
  3. A platform for an argument
    There have been many cases where arguments were not able to reach an audience, which turned out to be a disaster for the environmental issue later on. With social media platforms being used extensively, especially by the youngsters of our society, many influencers have now started using these platforms for their argument of having a sustainable and better future. Today, anyone who feels shut out by any public forum or platform can take to social media to raise their voice and let their concerns be known to the world!

Environmental education is one of the most important chapters that a student should learn. Thankfully, school learning isn’t the only form of education they get nowadays since they have access to a better learning platform – Social Media – where they get all the latest updates about the world regularly. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that social media can have a great impact on saving the environment. Also, it is not just written content that fetches attention online but video content is the best medium nowadays and proves to be the most effective way of gaining attention and creating an impact today. So create good videos and edit videos online to make your message more impactful!