How to stay on top of the game as a Remote Data Analyst

If you have always been fascinated with scrutinizing data, then you probably should be looking forward to expanding your horizon in the field of data collection. The more apt title would be a data analyst. So, who is a data analyst? And what do data analyst do?

Data Analyst

Data analyst job involves the process of collecting data and performing statistical analyses of the data that has been accumulated. It should be noted that the skill of a data analyst does not involve high competency such as data scientist. A data analyst may not be able to create their own algorithms, but they do possess the skill set of acquiring the right sets of questions and getting the solution for the same.

Being a data analyst comes in with a fair share of responsibilities. Some responsibilities do deserve a fair share of mention:

  • Research and mine data from any and every source; be it a primary or secondary source.
  • Prepare precise reports that are factually accurate and maintains the total integrity
  • Your job is to keep the relevant information in the reports. Be precise. Discard the unwanted data.
  • Try and pinpoint data that will help process improvisation.
  • Attempt and correlate patterns and sets that are associated with complex data hereby simplifying it.

Data Analysts are also known as junior data scientists who help in tracking specific businesses using the available tools and data sets.

So you want to go out all solo and work as a freelancing data scientist as you feel a misfit in a corporate world?

Here is a list of pointers that we present to you, that shall assist you to work as a remote data analyst.

Be eager to grasp new concepts

Whenever you venture into any new field, curiosity should be your driving force to enter and learn more about the subject. The more you embrace the new findings, the better are your chances of you being the best in the business of data collection. You aim should be to stay on top of the latest forecast of business trends. This will help you be competent and better than the rest of the crowd.

Strengthen your data foundations with strong concepts

No infrastructure is ever going to be steady if built on a weak foundation. Similarly, if your foundational knowledge on the subject is weak, you will never be able to realize the full potential of grasping advanced concepts. Do update your knowledge in a timely manner through consistent research and finding out newer concepts that can be applied to improve business solutions.

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Get certifications for better prospects

In order to fine-tune your skills as a professional data analyst, you need to keep on upgrading yourself through various certifications courses that are made available. There are quite a number of big data certifications that are made available. So whenever your job hunt for a project, look at the requirements. You might end up finding quite similar descriptions that are required. This will ensure that you could probably take up one of the certifications to accomplish that requirement.

You could look up to these following certifications to better up your prospects.

Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP), SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9, EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist (EMCDS). Doing these courses will further help you advance your career and will make a lasting mark on your resume while searching for freelancing projects.

Build a strong portfolio and get the portfolio uploaded on freelancer directories

It is time you take a look at companies who offer freelance work. Are you aware of Toptal and Upwork? If not, get into action immediately and research about these companies. It is a mandate that you should be aware of such organizations. Freelancing directories serve as an excellent instrument that connects freelance data analysts to companies who wish to utilize your expertise.

Improve your networking on alternate business sites, LinkedIn is simply not enough

If you think posting your skill set on LinkedIn is going to get you a steady flow of work, think again. There are several thousand applicants who are posted on LinkedIn. This makes the competition tough. Be innovative, try creating your own website and showcase your experience. This will help you look more professional. Companies would prefer to hire such talents. Ensure that your website is user-friendly and the contact details are made available.

Make your presence felt in a similar expertise community group

With your presence being felt on freelancers directory and networking sites, it is now essential that you also showcase yourself as an expert in your subject on the web. Joining forums and community sites is a great way to exercise your visibility and also promote your services. Do showcase your technical expertise to the peers in the community to make them aware that you are the best job for a job if ever required. Some of the popular communities that are trending are Kaggle, Gitter, CrowdAnalytix, Data Science Stack Exchange, Meetup, Data Science Central and many more!!

Try finding employers by venturing into uncharted territories

Being a remote data analyst also involves being a calculative entrepreneur. This is because you need to hunt for businesses. Try non-traditional methods to connect to employers. It is essential that you need to be proactive at all times by striking a right balance between a business mindset and a data analyst expert. Presenting are some of the non-traditional forms where you could find remote work as a data analyst.

AngelList: – This happens to be an ideal online hub for newly established businesses or popularly known as start-ups. Usually, start-ups do advertise their business and job requirements on this site. You could filter your search based on your requirement and see which profile and job suits you best.

FounderDating: – Using this website, you could conveniently deal with upcoming entrepreneurs who wish to connect and speak to you regarding analyzing data. The entrepreneurs could also seek your expert advice. Through this strong communication channel, you might well be on the receiving end of a job or a freelancing project.

Remote Data Analysts

Yes, it is true that the competition in the field of freelancing data analysts has made it difficult to find projects easily. But if you ensure that you market yourself through the right mediums as we have discussed above and also keep abreast by learning and grasping newer concepts, getting new projects will be convenient. Finally, never shy away from asking for help. Speak to people who are in this field, get valuable insights from industry experts. All this will go a long way in sustaining your career as a brilliant freelancing data analyst.

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