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How Police Brutality Affect Society

Imagine yourself sitting at home with your family, watching TV, or simply having a nice evening time. Everything is so right and so peaceful that you cannot believe it, as all of a sudden, the door of your apartment is being smashed by the police. Two officers enter your apartment and start harassing you and your family because they did not like the shade of light that they saw in your window. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, may you not be so prejudiced in front of situations like this because if the society remains silent this is exactly what might the situation look like in several years. Nowadays, police brutality is one of the most burgeoning problems of the global society, and there are copious ways in which it may influence our well-being in the most negative of manners.

The Roots

Before taking to the discussion of why and how police brutality may impact modern society, there is a need for people to understand that this social atrocity emerged from racism. Indeed, police brutality stemmed from racial inequality in the United States and political regimes in Asia, the Soviet Union, and South America. When all the police representatives were solely white and the African Americans have not yet managed to establish their rights – until Martin Luther King embarked upon the march on Washington – the police officers thought that killing and torturing black people, especially young black men, was normal. That is, when someone tries to tell you that the police are acting in accordance with the law, make sure that you tell them that is not the law that is being enacted, but racism.

Civil Riots

Changes the Perception of Community

When it comes talking to about the very ways how police brutality may impact our well-being, it shall be acknowledged that it changes the way people perceive their society, which might eventually have a detrimental effect. People start thinking that they live in an authoritative country, and they become afraid for their families. Thus, whenever you write a persuasive essay on police brutality, make sure that you mention that it changes that way people perceive their communities. This mentioning must become an integral part of a sample essay on this topic.

As a matter of fact, one of the most widespread writing assignments is a persuasive essay on police brutality and it can be easily understood because people want to talk about what bothers them the most. Especially when it comes to students, it is almost impossible to prevent them from discussing something good. As long as we have students, our communities will not be silent in the face of police brutality. Imagine yourself living a peaceful life, feeling secure because you know that you pay taxes and that police is on your side. You are a proud member of your community. Nonetheless, what would you think if you knew that police does not care about your rights? You would change the way you look at things in a glimpse of an eye.

Detrimental for Your Health

Knowing that you live in a state where police can do whatever you want to you is extremely detrimental to your health. Yes, it might be bad for your physical health, but first of all, it ruins your mental and psychological health but putting you under constant pressure and stress. If you still find it hard to believe that police brutality is a real thing, make sure that you read this article. Police brutality is a real problem, so read this article if you want to know how bad the issue is. If you wonder how a sample essay on police brutality should look like, ask the people who have been the victims of the police officers; these people will tell you everything about it.

Living in a constant fear that somebody is going to come, beat you up, and take everything you have is simply noxious for your health. Of course, this is not what the situation looks like today. However, if nobody responds to the case of you black men being killed in the streets on a daily basis, this is exactly what it is going to be like in some five-ten years.

Brings Misunderstandings

Unfortunately, politicians have found a new milestone for discussions and debates in police brutality. Instead of fighting with it, they now use it in their hefty campaign slogans, saying that they are going to eliminate the issue. Meanwhile, their political opponents claim that there is nothing to worry about. If you still think that there is no such thing as police brutality, may you please read this article. Although this article is outdated a bit, however, it shows that we still have medieval issues to deal with. People are not interested in at least reading a sample essay on this topic, not talking about the long-read articles because some people are convinced that the police are right.

Police Car

This is how the politicians bring contempt, lack of understanding, and disputes into communities, thus automatically creating more possibilities for police brutality to occur. They use this dispute in their favor while knowing that police are going to protect them anyway. Meanwhile, the people die in the streets because of the hypocrisy of some politicians and the double-nature of standards established by them.

What Do We Do?

The best thing we can do in order to fight with police brutality is to talk about it. Believe me, there are such police officers who would not even consider killing a black man to be a problem or, what is more, unlawful. If nobody is going to speak about it, this world will start reverting back to the system of slavery based on racial discrimination. Sure, it can sound silly and not reasonable but we shall definitely ring the alarm because the problem reaches far beyond the limits of what can be considered acceptable.

Oh, and one last thing. Whenever you witness an act of police brutality, do not be afraid to intervene or at least report it because you never know when they are going to come for you. This is the mission that the citizen of every country in the world has to embark upon in order to prevent their communities from returning back to the Medieval times when the word of the king and not the law defined what was right and what was wrong.


The problem of police brutality is without a single shred of doubt one of the most burgeoning issues of the modern world. This is not only in the United States that police brutality has reached unprecedented levels but all over the world. People are being killed, abducted, and tortured by the police officers because of a number of reasons. In the US, this is mostly racism; in Latin America, it is the dependence of the police on the gangs; in the People’s Republic of China, this is the political regime. As we can see, the grounds on which the concept of police brutality stands are different. Meanwhile, there is only one antidote to this horrendous illness, and those are the people who are not afraid to speak.

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