Open the Doors to the World of Fashion Games

Do you want to instill in your child a high taste and expand their understanding of the culture of clothing and fashion trends? Then discover a magical chest with the latest fashion games on the Game Karma platform. You will be amazed by such a variety of historical eras, intriguing plots, charming characters, and vibrant fashion styles!

Why Online Fashion Games Can’t Be Replaced by Playing Dolls?

Some parents, looking at the love with which their children play with dolls, think that this is enough for the development of the kid. Children learn to take care of the dolls, dress them up, and even invent their hairstyles and makeup. However, such a game does not provide the benefits that a child can get from computer games about fashion trends:

  • The kids are limited by the choice of those outfits that they already have, and therefore their creative abilities are blocked.
  • Wanting more variety, the child constantly demands to buy a new doll or at least new outfits for an existing one.
  • The horizon of a child’s knowledge of fashion is quite narrow, while online games can take kiddos to other eras and show what dresses and hairstyles were worn there.
  • Most of the time the child plays with the dolls in solitude not being able to share this game with friends unless she has siblings. In the computer game, kids have friends in the form of funny playable characters. In addition, they can connect to a multiplayer game where other children will be their partners in the game.

What Skills Fashion Games Teach

The ability to select and originally combine outfits is not the only skill that can be obtained through fashion games. Here are some other useful experiences that a child gets during the game:

Managerial abilities

In some games, such as Fashion Story, the player runs a brand store. She selects goods to bring to her store, releases fashion collections, and serves customers.

Design Proficiency

Games like Fashion Design World invite players to design their own costumes, demonstrate them at fashion shows, and then sell them in their own virtual boutiques.

The Ability to Move Gracefully and Pose for a Photo

Games like Top Model: Next Fashion offer players to transform into models participating in fashion shows. The player will master the correct walking on the catwalk and presentation of herself. She will learn how to take beautiful poses for spectacular photos and quickly change her image by putting on a new suit.

Best Fashion Games for All Ages

The Game Karma platform has collected games that will be of interest to all players: from the smallest to teenagers and even to their mothers and grandmothers. The main characters that you will meet here are the Barbie doll, princesses, modern stylish girls, and even unearthly creatures! Do you want to teach your child how to cut out and sew the most stylish dress, choose a hairstyle for it and then effectively present the outfit on the catwalk? Then welcome to the most exciting platform for online games for the whole family, Game Karma!

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