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In modern living room spaces, sofas are an important item indispensable. With each different room, there will be differences in area, style, texture of the space so the selection of sofas must also consider to get the most harmonious and balanced. Therefore, the current sofa tables and chairs are very diverse in style for customers to choose from. So which designs are the most popular today?

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Sofa bed

Beautiful sofas are usually quite large in size, so apartments with small areas often have difficulty in choosing a suitable sofa. Sofa beds are inspired by the beds and the desire to solve the difficulties that customers are facing is an area problem. Today, interior designers have launched models of smart bed sofas and a combination of functions. For small spaces, the use of multi-functional smart living room sofas is the right choice.

Popular sofa designs are single sofa beds and sofa beds with drawers and sofa beds with wheels. Using this single sofa bed, you can just sit and watch TV chat with your loved ones while having a good rest on a soft bed.

Sofa with drawers will save you a lot of space without losing the elegance of the living room. You can use drawers to store blankets, pillows or other things to make the room neat and spacious.

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Defining home staging

Cabriole Sofa

Cabriole is an elegant sofa design that is popular today. In terms of design, it is famous for exposed wood and elegant feet that help to remind the ancient Louis XV era. Cabriole is also a special silhouette produced by interior designer Thomas Chippendale.

Conventional design, this sofa has a back surface without mattresses to expose delicate curves. The cabriole edition is especially suitable for women and includes very glamorous jewelry accessories. Simply said, this is a simple sofa style but gives your home a special luxury.

Chesterfield Sofa

Just by hearing the name, you can imagine the shape of it – a very royal breath for your house. Chesterfield is a famous sofa in the 18th century, but you should know that it has a dark history. The story goes that Chesterfield’s 4th earl commissioned it to give him a comfortable seat, however, without any historical confirmation for this.

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However, despite its history, this sofa has always satisfied the homeowner because of its existing features such as back and arms of the same length, the back is deeply entwined with knots. In fact, designers all know that the arms are always rolled and the sofas have a traditional nailhead. However, many homeowners now prefer modernity.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Homeowners today are trying to renovate their living room style as nicely as possible. Because the living room shows the host’s personality, the decoration is extremely important. According to the growing demand, designers have to think of various sofa styles to make the house fashionable to satisfy the homeowners.

Today, with the increasing popularity of modern Mid-Century designs, this sofa style is truly hot. It is a delicate blend of classic and modern beauty. It can be said that this is a quite flexible sofa for many different concepts. They are often used in minimalist or mid-century room designs. Visually, they bring a retro feel to the room. Most will have some tufts on their backs.

Camelback Sofa

You can guess the shape of this sofa when you read its name. Camelback sofas usually have one or two humps that accentuate its silhouette. This is a traditional style sofa and very popular in the 18th century by Chippendale and aristocratic families who want aristocratic and gorgeous furniture.

Today, owners of this sofa will have a formal atmosphere for their living room. In particular, if they are sophisticated, they will choose the right type of sofa to highlight their personal concept. For homeowners who prefer simplicity, they can choose a casing with the material of normal sewing.

For both simple and aristocratic styles, camel sofas can be properly utilized. Typically, these sofas do not have back cushions and have a square or rolled arms.

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English Rolled Arm Sofa

Honestly, an English style manual sofa will make you feel very comfortable. It has large and soft cushions on the back as well as seats. With a comfortable low-handed style to lie down, this sofa also does not bring you heavy or imposing feeling. It is truly a classic sofa with a long history associated with the typical image of rural England.

Its pleasing features are its low-contacting feet, soft and spacious pads, tight backs and concave arms. And don’t worry if you want to follow the modern concept, although it’s a retro feel, it’s still perfect addition to your modern living room because of its flexible and comfortable appearance.

Final words

Choosing a sofa for the house is very important and actually not as complicated as you think. You don’t have to choose a gorgeous and eye-catching one. It is important to remember that you have to choose the most suitable one for your room. Hopefully, the article above can help you to simplify the process of choosing a sofa. Wish you have an ideal living room space. Thanks for reading. If you need more information or would like advice,you can visit, for more information

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