How Linear Actuators can be used for Renewable Energy?


Society is focusing more and more on renewable energy, and how we can incorporate it into our world, so it is not strange that attention should be paid to how linear actuators can help to extend that energy. Linear actuators have been used in motion systems in other forms of equipment before, so that is one of their primary functions here, but there are other reasons for their inclusion, and these are why they are being included more and more in the various technologies we are using to move forward in using renewable energy throughout the world and throughout the companies which supply us.

Solar energy which was once considered to be expensive is now being used widely in different form. Large scale adoption of solar energy by various means has brought down the cost considerably. Solar energy can widely be used by using it for heating or electricity generation purpose. Moreover, heating can also be used for electricity generation in case of solar plants.

solar actuator

Solar Panels – Domestic use & large scale commercial use

Solar photo voltaic panels are used to convert sunlight to electricity directly. The amount of electricity generated depends on the amount and angle sunlight falling on the solar panel. The direction of sunlight changes throughout the day with the movement of Earth and thus the intensity and angle of sunlight falling on the panels keeps on changing.

Keeping the panels aligned perpendicular to the sunlight can improve the electricity generation considerably when compared to static/ non movable solar panels. This also helps in reducing the area under shadow in many cases especially for panels those used in confined space in such as in residential areas. In case of large scale commercial use of panels movement of panels is of great economic importance.


            While there is no need to currently change most of the existing motion in renewable energy collectors (it would be a waste, since most are still perfectly functional), more and more people are turning to home automation as a means of helping their technology become more moveable, and therefore to help them collect more energy which can be turned into electricity.


            Actuators are known for their high level of precision in their movements – it is part of why so many people like linear actuators, and why they are incorporated in so much equipment. The most likely place for precision is in the solar panels which have motion abilities to help them follow the sun as it moves across the sky. Having a linear actuator in it will allow for the movements to more precisely match those of the sun, and so will allow them to collect more energy. This precision also means that they can be used in more awkward areas, because they can be controlled into smaller movements, when otherwise the movement could not be controlled to such an extent required.


            Linear actuators come in a variety of sizes and strengths, and beyond they are endlessly customisable to better suit them for the jobs they are being used for. One linear actuator can be changed or specifically built for the job it is to undertake, whether that job is to be in a dusty environment, or a wet one. Having linear actuators which can be customised for different jobs can help to make them more useful, as it extends their abilities, and also makes them less likely to fail when they are in the job, since they have been specifically designed for the tasks to which they are assigned. The actuators can also have things like remote controls added in the same way.

linear actuator movement mechanism


            Linear actuators are so popular in part because the parts they are made ensure that they are both durable and hardwearing, and so they will not need to be replaced very often. The materials which an actuator are made of mean that they will not need to be replaced as often as other motion systems would, thus making them easier to use overall. Breaking les easily means that they will not need to be replaced so often, and not need so much maintenance overall. This means less money, and less trouble for people trying to maintain the equipment. Similarly, the linear actuators can be put into smaller and more compact spaces, because the maintenance is less of a concern than it would otherwise be, because the actuators last longer overall.

Conclusion: Environmental issues are gaining importance and attention from global leaders. Large scale problem such as of global warming cannot be tackled alone by few individuals. Everyone must come together to reduce their carbon footprint and more to renewable energy. Also, environmental education plays an important role in addressing the issue of climate change. Increasing awareness among students proves to be a good and effective step in such direction. Using solar panels for electricity generation is quietest and cleanest method of generating electricity and actuators help in maximising the potential.

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