Some major key points which can bring wonders for you in the IAS interview

Is there any decided syllabus for UPSC Interview like the other 2 stages? This question might sound inappropriate to some people, while some might relate to it, as the answer to this question can actually solve half of the problem of Civil Services candidates who are going to appear in the upcoming UPSC Interview 2017.

Although, yes, a defined syllabus is surely not there for UPSC Interview stage, but there are some basic points which the panel surely considers while interviewing the candidate, which must not be missed by the candidates. As the final stage aims to test the personality and aptitude of the candidate more than his/her academic knowledge, therefore, candidates should focus on developing confidence in their personalities, should know how to present themselves in front of the board members, should have the ability to portray the administrative and other required traits while answering the questions, should be honest, must have good listening skills along with the speaking skills and should be well abreast with current affairs.

Exam Study Material

Most importantly, candidates are suggested to go through the interview videos of other successful candidates to learn well, and above all students must enroll for 2 to 3 mock interviews before they appear for the final quest, because being judged by the experts beforehand and getting their feedback for further improvisation would always be the wiser decision than directly jumping to face the final challenge. Chanakya IAS Academy conducts mock interviews in the atmosphere which is akin to the actual UPSC interview with the panel of experts including ex or serving officers, psychoanalysts, well experienced academicians and other subject experts who closely examine the candidates and prepare them for the final interview round.

Now, let’s have a look at what are the major points which candidates must know and be prepared to be asked questions on the similar lines

First of all, know the objective of the UPSC interview and the questions panel asks. The basic objective is to judge the mental caliber of the candidate and to assess the suitability of the candidate for a career in Civil Services.

Exam preparation

Questions will be on matters of general interest

The candidates will be sitting next to some highly competent board members who will be scrutinizing the aspirants and assess their knowledge on the matters of their interest. So, fill our Detailed Application for very honestly and wisely, and do not forget to get sound knowledge about the hobbies and interests that you have mentioned in your Detailed Application Form (DAF).

What are the qualities which will be judged during the interview?

Remember, interview or the personality test is not only the test of your academicals knowledge, but it tests more of your social traits, personality traits and your interest in current happenings or the issues being faced by our country.

Some of the qualities which will be assessed are: i) your variety and depth of interest, ii) critical power of assimilation, iii) mental alertness, IV) intellectual and moral integrity, v) balance of judgment, vi) clear and logical exposition, vii) Ability for social cohesion and leadership.

What is the flow of the interview process?

Interview goes in a normal flow of communication between the board members and the candidate, but a purposive communication through which board reveals the actual personality and the true caliber of the candidate. To better understand the interview flow, candidates are advised to go for a mock session and understand the psychology of the board and demand of UPSC in advance in order to prepare well.

Good Luck!

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