Why Inadequate Sleep Is a Public Health Concern

Why Inadequate Sleep Is a Public Health Concern

We are not getting enough sleep. It’s becoming clear that we are a society that loves burning the midnight oil. Students from across the country are today staying up to study, have fun or work. Here, we would discuss how such lack of sleep impacts negatively on not only you but also the society at large.

Inadequate Sleep is a public health concern - affecting productivity

Numerous reports show that sleep is crucial for proper growth and prevention of diseases. It’s an essential step towards a long and healthy life that’s why it is recommend getting a mattress that feels comfortable. It’s as necessary as air, exercise and good food. With that said, here’s why lack of sleep is now a public health concern!

Increased Road Accidents

It is a bit terrifying knowing that some people fall asleep while driving.It has been discovered that such cases are more common in young adults. Good examples include men, shift workers and persons with children. Studies even show that adult of between 18 and 29 years stand at a greater chance of driving while feeling drowsy.


Besides, 2 million cases of accidents are caused by drivers who went behind the wheel feeling tired. However in most cases, alcohol is the real culprit. It puts the body into an unstable point of relaxation which often hinders coordination of muscles. That’s why we are always advised not to drink and drive. Sadly, many don’t take this seriously and continue to drink and drive!

Increased Risk of Getting Severe Diseases

Sleep deprivation is notorious for causing various health problems. Some of these include hypertension, heart disease, depression and obesity. These conditions are affecting a good number of people in the society today, and it’s essential to get ahead of them. Of course, the only way we can do this is encouraging people to give their bodies enough rest.

Inadequate Sleep is a public health concern - health problems

With the tough economic times, working through the night is now no longer an option. However, remember that it comes with huge medial consequences. One of these severe conditions is diabetes, which is currently even affecting children! Here, lack of sleep means that the body won’t have enough time to produce glucose. This food component provides the body with enough energy during the day. Experts say that this is one of the reasons why such people are unproductive in their daily tasks.

Damaged Interpersonal Relationships

One of the another main reason why there’s a lot of chaos in some parts of the world is that people don’t want to sleep! It could be wrong, but it’s still a good theory. Research shows that lack of sleep makes us quick to anger, withdrawn and moody. So, it’s hard for people to cope with each other, either at work or in school.

Inadequate Sleep is a public health concern - damaged interpersonal relationships

A good number of parents go through the same ordeal. While they can’t all follow taking the easy way out or resigning from job, their continued perseverance is quite destructive to them and the society. In most cases, they cannot deliver services as swiftly as before. If you’re a company C.E.O using such an inhumane system, you may want to review your work policies.

It’s unfair that the society is suffering today because we are unable to give our bodies the comfort it deserves. However, once you start getting enough rest, you’ll notice a couple of changes. For instance, as a student, it will help your excel in your coursework! Similarly, if you’re working, you’ll keep on delivering services that match the customer’s specifications.

How does this impact society at large

Sleeping as you are aware an essential part of life vital for survival. Sleep deprivation affects your daily life in negative way. Ranging from getting angry, feeling exhausted and getting ill it affects your productivity on daily basis and also of the society. A angry person is bound to be rude with the other person after certain time which will also make the healthy person angry for no reason. Moreover, if a person is not in a good state of mind the chances of getting the decisions going wrong increases. And if the decision is crucial for your own life or the group you are working with then it can have adverse effect on your own life or on the group respectively. Thus getting good sleep is not only good for self but also good considering the larger interest of society. This enables people contribute at their best in public participation activities and at large nation building.