How important is Test Series when it comes to UPSC Civil Services Preliminary examination?

“UPSC is not the most difficult examination, Life still rules the league!”

With UPSC Prelims 2018 approaching, you must be thinking a lot about effective preparation strategy to get through the objective assessment for the Civil services. If the thought of joining a Test series has crossed your mind even once, then you are at the right track. IPS officer with AIR 38(from Hindi Medium) Shailendra Singh Indoliya aptly suggests aspirants to enrol in the Test Series for the self-assessment and to get familiar with the exam format before going for the real quest. The more questions you’ve already solved, more you are eliminating the chances for negative marking.

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Chanakya Test Series 2

UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of the most coveted and competitive exams in India. Besides the knowledge and right personality traits, candidates must have an expertise over time management to perform their best in the time bound inquest. And preliminary exam is the first fence standing between you and your Civil Services dream. Looking at the need of candidates to know where they stand in terms of preparation, and what areas still need consideration, Chanakya IAS academy brings to you an extensive Prelims Test series strictly based on UPSC Preliminary examination format. Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series is available for both English and Hindi Medium students; and depending upon the comfort and preference of students, the Test Series can be availed either in classroom, Postal or online format.

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The complete package of Test Series will consist of total 40 test papers, out of which 30 tests are for GS and 10 for CSAT, while the candidates can avail Test papers only for GS or just for CSAT depending upon the requirement.

Chanakya Test Series

It is important to take this stage of the UPSC exam very seriously and hence a test series is the best way to start off. The major motive of Test Series is to help students evaluate themselves on the standards of UPSC and eliminate the scope of errors at the final quest. For an instance, you might have a fair idea on the factual part of history, but you might not sure about concept related questions; and this is where the Test Series help you think from broader perspective and boost your preparation process.

“Challenges make life Interesting, and you make it meaningful by overcoming them”

Preliminary exam is objective in nature, and consists of total 100 questions in GS and 80 questions in CSAT with 2 hours of duration given to each paper; which means approx. 1.5 minutes or even lesser time given to each question. Above all, negative marking for each wrong answer. Now, don’t you think you need Test Series to practice well, assess yourself as an integral part of your preparation process, before you jump in for the real quest? These Test Series play an important role in helping students evaluate themselves, get familiar with exam pattern, predict the possible questions, assess weaker areas and strengthen the time management skills. Moreover, the answer evaluation by experts further enhances the knowledge and clear students’ doubts in more effective manner.

Chanakya Test Series format

The Test Series at Chanakya are starting from 9th December 2017. Click Here for more details and also get weekly current affairs booklet covering important editorials from Newspapers like The Hindi, Indian Express and important information from Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, RSTV, LSTV and a lot more.

If you are still wondering, is it even worth all that money and effort to actually take Prelims Test series, wave off your doubts and give it a go. We are sure that Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series will knock open the doors of your brains towards the actual examination pattern and make you Prelims 2018 ready at your best.

Don’t Stress, give your best and forget the rest! 🙂

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