Illuminating warehouses, industries, and houses now made easier with LED high bay lights.

Warehouses and industries usually occupy large areas. To meet the production, storage, packaging, labelling, and many other industrial requirements, large and wide space is required. And consuming that space rightly is an important thing to notice too. One of the most important roles in space utilization is played by the perfect lighting. Warehouses and industries usually have high ceilings and illuminating them is impossible by using ordinary lights fixed with the ceilings or corners. For appropriate lighting, LED high bay lights are employed.

What are LED High Bay Lights?

As their name indicates, high-bay lights are used to enlighten places with high ceilings. This means ceilings ranging from about 20 feet to approximately 45 feet. A high-ceiling location usually has a more covered area. A high bay, by definition, is a robust light source that can brighten up a massive area.

With appropriate positioning, LED high-bay lights are natural fits for warehouses and industrial uses. They have multiple applications across various industries, including workshops, mills, storage areas, factories, and production units. You will also see high-bay lights in large recreational facilities and manufacturing plants. These lights are excellent for brightening up storage facilities and repositories. Also, they can be used for large marquees, event centers, or indeed for any area that needs lighting from a height of more than 20 feet.

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LED Lights Warehouse

Why Choose LED High Bay Lights

Previously, a lot of different kinds of lights were used in warehouses and industrial units. But with the invention of LED high-bay lights, the use of other lights in warehouses was reduced. The reason behind this is very straightforward. LED high bay lights are expected to have a lifespan that is about 10 to 12 times longer than many conventional lights. And the ordinary lights due to shorter life span; required monthly or, if used more, weekly replacements. This was a cause of a lot of maintenance expenditure.

In contrast, LED high-bay lights not only reduced this maintenance cost but are also very energy-saving in terms of power consumption if compared to ordinary bulbs or traditional industrial tube lights. And talking about the lighting quality, they have no comparison with the traditional lights.

LED high-bay lights are far more luminous, bright, clear, and pleasant to the eyes. One of the most preferred and widely used types of LED high-bay lights is 150w LED high bay lights. They are most widely used, are strong and durable, and offer easy fixation.

LED High Bay Lights Offer Easier Fixation

The main reasons to shift over LED high-bay lights are their easy fixation, and they cover the maximum area. They can be installed with the ceiling or with the help of a hung string, pendent, or chain support. The latter described is the most widely used method.

Other areas where LED high bay lights can be used

The use of LED high bay lights is not only restricted to warehouses, industries, manufacturing units, and assembly lines. There are many other wide areas where the can also be used, such as

  • School and university auditoriums
  • Municipal facilities like community centers
  • Commercial applications like department stores and grocery stores
  • Gymnasiums, sports complexes, and fitness recreation centers
  • Bridges and roads etc.

Can your house or personal room have LED high bay lighting fixtures?

The answer to this question is yes. Surely, LED high-bay lights have many variants these days. Specially designed LED high-bay lights are currently being used in homes also. In particular, LED lights bulbs for home consume very little energy and look like chandeliers when installed accordingly.

LED high-bay lights’ uses are not restricted to larger areas only. They also come in such variants with which they can be used at small places but provide equivalent brightness and effulgence. They illuminate the home according to the modern concept of our homes. One may be dazzled by it or stunned by it.

LED lights home

One more big health-related reason for the use of LED bay lights is that they do not contain mercury. That’s a huge advantage because elevated blood mercury levels could cause toxicity in humans, like retardation and deformities in children. (Conventional CFLs, which have mercury in them once they break, release mercury). In inclusion of being mercury-free, LED bay lights also do not emit ultraviolet (UV) light, which usually attracts mosquitos, bugs, or other infectious insects.

Even though it might require a little bit of initial investment but saving money in the long run and avoiding significant health hazards are the strong reasons for buy LED bay lights. That’s why LEDs are the light bulbs of the future and why one should consider using them in their home. Here are some examples of LED bay lights used in homes.

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