How search spiders find websites and index them on Google?

Any time you need to know something, you go to the internet and type your search words in Google’s search box. Then, you get instant results after clicking the search option. But how does Google gather what you are looking for and bring it for you? The search engines are like answer machines.

How Google Search Works

Google exists to discover, understand, and organize the content from the internet to give you the most significant results to any questions you ask.

Would you want Google to show up your content in search results? You will have to invest in website optimizations services. That way, your content will be visible to the search engines. Your site will never show up in the search engine results page if search engine tools cannot be found.

How do search engines work?

The search engines perform three main functions.

  1. Search Engine Crawling

The search spiders scour through your internet content. The reason for doing that is to locate the code of your content. In other words, the spiders look for content for each URL they find.

Crawling is a discovery process. The search engines usually send out a team of robots to locate your content once you update the old or post new. You can put different content on your website. It can be a PDF, video, image, or even a webpage. In whatever format your content is, links will discover it.

Google bot begins to fetch a few web pages flowed by links on those webpages to locate new URLs. Through hopping along that path of links, spiders have chances to find your new content. Once they have done that, they add it to their Caffeine. That is a big database that contains the found content links URLs).

 Later, when you go the internet to search for something, those URLs are retrieved if they contain useful content that matches what you seek. With website optimization services, your site can get quality links, backlinks, and balanced links that make it easy for the spiders to find your content. That way, you get a great chance to be ranked top on the search engine results.

  1. Search engine indexing

It is another significant role played by search engines. It involves storing and organizing all the content discovered by spiders during the crawling process. Once your page is under the indexing process, then it shows the internet data that match it.

The search engines usually process and store data they find in an index. Wondering what an index is? It is a vast database with all the content the spiders perceive good enough to serve up and cater to searchers’ needs.

You need to get quality website optimization services to make your website easy for crawlers to find your content and index it. With that, the search engines will rank your site without hassle.

  1.  Search engine ranking

Once you perform a search on the internet, search engines scour their index and find relevant content. Then, that content is ordered with the intent of solving your query. That order of content based on relevance is called ranking.

So, you can infer that the higher the website is ranked, the more relevant the search engine deems that site to be to the query. That’s why you need website optimization services to ensure your site ranks at the top.

You are allowed to block search engine spiders from going through your whole site or part of it. It is possible to give instructions to search engines to store specific details of your index’s content. You may have reasons for that. But if you intend to have the searchers find your content, and you will have to ensure the crawlers can access it, and it can be indexed.

Search engines and site navigation

Does a search engine follow your website navigation? Just the same way crawlers have to find your link through links from other websites; they require a path of links on your website. It will guide them from one page to another.

Do you have pages you would like search engines to discover, but they aren’t linked to other pages? It is as good as they are not visible. That’s why you need experts for website optimization services. They will create quality links for your website for a search engine to find it with ease.

Ensure you don’t structure your site navigation in a way that makes it hard for search engines. You will hinder their ability to list your site in the search engine results if you do it.

Here are common mistakes that may keep crawlers away from finding your site.

  • You have a mobile navigation system that differs from the desktop navigation.
  • When you have navigations where the menu items are not available in HTML.
  • Your site shows unique navigation to particular types of visitors compared to others. It appears to be cloaking to the search engine’s crawlers.
  • You forget to link to a primary webpage on your site via navigation.

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Crawling: is it possible for search engines to find your pages?

For your site to be shown on the search engine result pages, you need website optimization services to ensure it can be crawled and indexed. Do you run a website? It will be useful to check and see how many pages have been indexed. You will get insights on whether Google is crawling and discovering all your crucial pages.

You can use an advanced search operator. It will give you results that goggle has within its index for your particular website. While the results may not be accurate, you can give you an idea of your site’s indexed pages. You can also know how such pages are showing up in search engine results.

These are some of the reasons why crawlers may not find all your pages.

  1. You have hidden content behind your login forms: Do your users have to log in, answer surveys, or fill out forms before accessing specific content on your site? The search engines will not see those secured pages. The crawlers will not log in.
  2. You rely on search forms: Robots never use search forms. Do not make a mistake in placing a search box on your site. It will deter search engines from finding what your visitors are looking for. It is not going to help your website.
  3. You have hidden text in non-text content: Don’t use non-text media forms to show the text you would like Google to index. Search engines are improving in ways to recognize images. But you can’t bank on them to read and understand the text found in an image. It will be suitable for your site if you can add texts in the HTML markup of your website page.

Can spiders find all your crucial data?

You can use website optimization services to help Google bot find all your vital pages. At times, the search engines may only see parts of your site. Other sections or pages may be hidden for one more reason and will not be found by the search engines. You have to make sure that search engines can discover all your content you would want to be indexed and not only your homepage.

Role of sitemaps to crawlers

Your website needs sitemaps. That is a list of URLs found on your site, and crawlers apply them to discover and index your website content. The easier way to make sure Google can see your higher priority pages is by creating a file that is up to Google’s standards.

You can use website optimization services from an expert to attain that. Once done, you can submit it via the Google search console. The sitemap you submit should not replace your good site navigation. It assists the spiders to follow a path and reach all your vital pages.

Resolving crawling errors

Crawlers may get errors as they try to access URLs on your site. You can fix that with ease. Just go to Google search console’s crawl errors. Then, report to detected URLs where the mistake had happened. The report will give you the server errors and not found errors. The server log file will let you see that and treasure trove of more data like crawl frequency.


Website optimization services from experts are essential if you seek to have your website ranked higher. Google uses spiders to find your website. After your webpage has been found, it is indexed and then places on search engine results. If it becomes hard for search engines to find your content, it will not appear on the search engine results page. You need to optimize your page for better results. Many experts are ready to offer you website optimization services at a friendly cost. SEO is a process in which you will have to invest in for the growth of business.

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