How to Add an Exquisite Look to your House Using Moulding

When building or renovating your home, you would love to give a touch that will provide it with the great impression on anyone who comes in. You can use the moulding element to give it an artistic touch and distinctive look. The moulding will make your home trendy without breaking your bank.


Moulding is made from a strip of wood curved beautifully, making architectural designs traditionally used to cover surfaces with joints or protect the furniture from the wall. People have used this moulding decoration for centuries and it’s trending again as vintage looks are considered sassy. You can get creative and paint the moulding to blend your decor or leave with to give your home the vintage impression of red oak.

You can use the moulding or dado rail anywhere you would like, but traditionally they used to put it at :

  • Dissection of a wall
  • Between the wall and floor or ceiling
  • Around windows and doors

The moulding was used to prevent the wall from scraping. There are different types of moulding stick around as you learn more about them.

Different Moulding

Crown moulding takes the trophy when trims are a concern because of its impressive, elegant curves that can be used in chairs rails, high over the casing and baseboards. It captures the viewers’ eyes to your home ceiling, showing off the exquisite design. Since its lineage in ancient Greek about 2,500 years ago, the design has not changed, and it still captivates the eyes as t used to what has changed is the materials and the artisans. Back in the day, it was made out of heavy stone, but today it’s made out of wood, plaster, or flexible polyurethane and foam.

Crown moulding can be painted white in a high gloss sheen that emphasizes the curve details, making it look classier and more beautiful. Can you do it by yourself? If it is one-piece crown moulding, you can handle it, but if it involves curved walls or a square room, you have to hire an expert.

Baseboard Moulding

You could be one of the homeowners who don’t consider changing the baseboard moulding; what you dint know is that you would be doing your house a facelift. Getting well-polished baseboard moulding could give your home a modern look. Just like in crown, you can use baseboard moulding as a transition piece between floor and wall. The baseboard moulding is trim in the minimalist list because they are vital in hiding unsightly edges and slight gaps between the wall. The baseboard adds beauty to your home and makes it look elegantly finished.

 You can match your baseboards with your doors and window casing to make your home look neatly finished and have a cohesive look.

Chair Rail Moulding

Get the additional timeless chair rail to give your home a wonderful look that cannot overwhelm it, especially when it blends with space. Chair rails will look good in contemporary and vintage homes. Since chair rails are made from timber, they are easy to do DIY. The chair rail is horizontally attached to your wall around your home; you can decide to paint; they are about 2-3 inches thinnest among all mouldings.

 The chair rails give your home a neat and sophisticated look; in most traditional homes, you could find them in living, dining, and bedrooms. Recently, the chair rails are used as a decoration adding charm to your home, unlike traditionally when it was primarily functional. Back in the day, the chair rails were used to protect the wall from getting scratched by moving furniture.

Picture Rail

Most people mistake it for crown moulding, but it differs in design and functionality. A picture rail is a small moulding around 11/2 -2 inch moulding installed horizontally on top of your wall, and In some houses, it is installed against the ceiling. The picture rail’s major function is not decoration but has a small tip at the bottom of the moulding to accommodate a hook that can ‌hang things like pictures without damaging the wall.

If perfectly installed, the picture rail can accommodate heavy wall hangings like photos or mirrors without damaging the walls. The picture rail can be traced to older houses built before WWII.


Minor changes in your home can give a distinct look that will catch the eye of the visitor or add your home value because it will look more polished and finished in case you decide to sell it someday. There are different dado rail materials on the market, wood being one of the best and classiest. Wood can create beautiful moldings, whether you want to renovate or build your home. According to your preference, you can check out the available moulding from the crown, baseboard, or even chairs. Give your home a vintage look from moulding designs and styles as old as the Victorian era.


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