A Guide for Buying the Best HVAC Filters

Your HVAC system is an essential heating and cooling apparatus requiring a quality air filter to enable smooth functioning. Inadequate airflow is the result of a clogged or inferior filter that can cause immense damage to the system itself. A timely intervention, like 14×14 – air filters – heating, venting & cooling ensures the incoming air is breathable.

Constant exposure to the pollutants present in our surrounding atmosphere makes you develop respiratory conditions and allergic infections. HVAC air filters facilitate the circulation of pure air, allowing you to breathe easy.

Replacing the air filter helps you save on energy as well as maintenance costs.  Keep inspecting your filter, and once you notice it accumulating airborne impurities, replace it with a new and clean one. Organisations such as United Nations also issues guidelines about air from time to time, About Air is their online section which deals with quality of air.

The frequency of replacing the HVAC air filter varies depending on your scenario. Where the usage is high, and those benefiting from the system more, frequent replacements are advisable.

HVAC Filter

There are different types of HVAC filters which include:

  1. Affordable flat-panel air filters that are easy to install but not necessarily of the highest quality
  2. Pleated filters are designed to catch more debris and are priced slightly higher than the flat-panel model.
  3. Electrostatic air filters can trap smaller particles of pollen, bacteria, and smoke within their screens.
  4. The washable variety can be vacuumed or hosed down with water to remove particle build-up.
  5. High-efficiency particulate air filters are best suited for settings requiring purest air.

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Conform to the guidelines enumerated here to ensure you source the best HVAC air filter:

Determine Your Specific Need

All air filters are assigned a rating based on their ability to keep harmful air particles at bay. The MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is an industry-standard rating. It assigns higher values to more robust filters and lower numbers to weaker ones. Similarly, air purifier efficiency is measured on a rating scale titled CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate.

Filters with a higher CADR and MERV rating are best suited to those indoor environments that house pets and humans with weaker immunities. You have to strike the right balance as some HVAC systems do not support highly restrictive filters. Though the latter blocks the smallest particles, make sure the filter you intend inserting is compatible with the unit itself.

Consider Your Budget

Investing in quality 14×14 – air filters – heating, venting & cooling ensures your system functions efficiently without you having to spend on damage control. Cheaper air filters like the disposable fiberglass variety require you to make more frequent replacements as their quality is slightly inferior.

Though you may end up spending a couple of dollars extra on washable filters, you will save money in the long-run. All because you benefit from installing superior quality and eco-friendly air filters in your HVAC units with a longer life span.

Factor In Dimensions

Every HVAC system model has unique dimensions that differ from other brands. While choosing an air filter, you must first be aware of the size and thickness compatible with your specific unit. To ensure the filter fits snugly, take into account the respective ventilation opening dimensions.

Choose wisely as sourcing the wrong filter can prove unsafe and costly in the long-run.

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Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can also impact children’s academic performance by lowering the concentration levels and increases cases of absenteeism due to allergies and asthma.

Because indoor air pollution reduces children’s immunity and weakens their lungs make them more susceptible to airborne infectious diseases like flu and cold. This kind of pollution also impacts the development of their endocrine glands, immune, and nervous system.

Gases or particles are released into our air throughout our homes from many sources. However, the room your child sleeps should be the most important, especially because sleep allows our bodies to regenerate.