Giveaway as an Effective Way to Win Customers for Your Startup: How to Start?

When you decide to run a startup, you will soon discover that one of the biggest challenges you will have to face is winning more customers. While you may find a way to do it, this is not enough for your business success. Keeping them loyal to your brand and convince them to recommend your products can represent one of the biggest difficulties in an entrepreneur’s life. While there are various marketing strategies that you can use to increase your number of clients, each has different chances of success. A giveaway campaign can be a successful strategy for a startup. If you don’t know how to start, then you should keep reading this article and discover how to develop and implement it.

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How to Start a Giveaway Campaign for Your Startup

Running a giveaway campaign can help your startup in various ways. It is an excellent method to promote your products to your target audience. Apart from reaching more clients, this strategy will also help you increase and improve the quality of your mailing list. Moreover, you will be able to interact better with your followers and get them closer to your brand. You can address your message to a wider audience by collaborating with a website for translation of languages, like The WordPoint. Thus, you will post your giveaway in different languages. On top of that, developing a giveaway strategy is not complicated at all. Below you will find the basic steps any startup owner should know about this tactic.

Choose the right platform for your giveaway

In general, social media is the best place to start a giveaway. However, not all social media platforms have the same success when it comes to this strategy. Considering the increased popularity of Instagram, you can start here the giveaway for your startup. In comparison to Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is more suitable for a small business. On the other hand, before you decide which platform to choose, you can take a quick look at what your competitors are doing. Are they running giveaways on Instagram? How many shares and comments do they have? Is their strategy applicable to your case as well? If you manage to find an answer to these questions, then it will become very easy to choose the right social media platform for your business.

Decide what you want your followers to do

If you have looked at how other companies create their giveaway posts, you will find various approaches. For instance, you can ask your followers to like your post and share it on your page in order to win a specific product from your portfolio. Moreover, you can ask them to comment on your post, use a hashtag, and even tag up to three friends who might also like the product you are offering for free. The main purpose of this strategy is to attract new customers by offering them the chance to win something. Another efficient giveaway strategy is to ask your followers to post photos with one of your products and tell you how it helped them. Apart from helping you to engage more with your audience, this trick will also bring you more sales.

Set clear deadlines

Even though your giveaway campaign might seem very appealing, your followers need to know very well what to expect. Thus, you should pay attention to setting very clear deadlines. You should transparently communicate which is the deadline by when they have to comment, tag, or like your contest post. Furthermore, they should also know when you are going to analyze their answers and announce the winner. This behavior shows how much you care about your customers and their satisfaction. Apart from setting very clear deadlines, you should also put all the necessary efforts to respect them. If you mention that you will announce the winner on a specific day, then you should keep your word. Any delay in doing what you mentioned on social media will disappoint your clients and make them start doubting about your brand.

Establish clear rules on how your giveaway works

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when launching your giveaway is creating confusion among your customers. Therefore, you should set very clear rules in your contest. For instance, you should tell them which are the eligibility criteria. Do your customers need to have a certain age or live in a specific location? In addition, you should also openly mention if they need to buy your product before and perform a certain action or not. In case they don’t have to buy your product in advance, you should also let them know that extra purchases won’t automatically increase their chances to win the prize. On top of that, you should be aware of GDPR rules and make your research before asking for specific contact and identification details from your followers. Finally, you shouldn’t forget about mentioning the judging criteria. The participants should know that if they don’t do exactly what you ask them to do in order to win the contest, they won’t have any chance at all.

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Monitor and track your contest progress

Even though you have included all the necessary elements for a successful giveaway campaign, you cannot know its real success unless you monitor and track the results. By doing this exercise you will be able to find out what type of content brought you the best results. Moreover, monitoring will also help you identify if you have chosen the right platform to run this campaign or you should switch to a different one. You can use Google Analytics to track the results and get your conclusions. Thus, the next time you invest time and money in a new giveaway campaign, you will use this data to get better results and bring your startup even higher in your audience’s attention.


Running a giveaway without a clear goal is like throwing the money out of the window. You will need to plan your strategy carefully and know very well what is the reason behind all this effort. Moreover, you should also determine which is the social media platform that works best for you and your followers. Just like in the case of many other contests, you should transmit clear information regarding participation and reveal what are the deadlines. As long as you are organized in developing your giveaway strategy and you know what to expect from it, then the success is guaranteed. Finally, you shouldn’t forget to monitor your results and learn from mistakes. Thus, you will become even better the next time you organize a new giveaway.

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