Flat & Low Slope Roofing Trends are On the Rise

Flat & Low Slope Roofing Trends are On the Rise & Our Changing Climate is Fueling the Move

It’s nearly impossible to be plugged into mainstream culture and not be affected by the constant news of the impending doom that according to the majority of scientists in the field, is not that distant anymore. Our climate is changing rapidly and it’s causing us as the human race to evolve with it. One of the lesser considered consequences of climate change is the way that it has already and will continue to change our culture. In the worlds of art and music the themes of climate change are already evident, but the trend is even more noticeable in the world of architecture and in sectors of the economy like the Toronto Roofing Industry. Flat & low slope roofing is becoming more popular as new projects are springing up around the world, and the reason shouldn’t really surprise you.

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Solar Roof Tiles

When it comes to the changing world of architecture, one of the most consistent rises in interest has got to be within flat & low slope roofing. It makes sense when you consider the cultural shift that is taking place as more and more people move away from fossil fuels and reliance on the energy grid of their local area. Solar power is one of the leading drivers of this change, and flat roofs makes them easier to install and make using the power they provide easier to manage. Flat roofs also make a nifty space to grow vegetables, herbs, and even marijuana if it is legal to do so in your country or state. There are so many awesome ways to decorate and utilize the space that a flat roof provides. The space becomes a living roof, that could even be used every day. A spiraling stair case that leads to the roof is a feature in many modern homes. If you’re worried about draining issues, low slope roofing styles are also a great option. Most low slope roofing installers use TPO Rubber roofing membrane, which is the industry leader, and is known to withstand weather well. Just make sure you work with a contractor who has considerable experience, as a poorly thought out and executed flat or low slope roof is undesirable.

Residential low slope roofing is of two kinds – larger flat roofed applications of the low slope type which are common in residential complexes, homes, town-houses, and, much smaller residential add-ons like garages and storage units. There are other benefits to choosing flat and low slope roofing options – one is that it incurs less damage and repair costs over the lifespan of the roof. Also, cleaning gutters becomes a breeze. A sharply sloped roof provides more area in a house and the space below the roof fills with air, low slope roofs limit the amount of air and provides a structure that is easier to keep at a constant temperature throughout the seasons.

Benefits of Sloped Roofing

There are following benefits of building sloped roofing:

Extra Space

Most people find sloped roofing more appealing compared to the flat roof. Moreover, it offers more space benefit. It can offer additional space that you can use in many ways. You can use this for storage space and can use for extra items that you do not need. In a home, this space can be utilized for additional living space. You can use it as a play area, home office or a bonus room.


When it comes to the lifetime of sloped roofing nothing can beat it. The reason is that it is more weatherproof and are more durable. Adding some additional weather resistant material in the roofing fortify it. Moreover, using insulation in a sloped roof can increase its lifespan.

Better Esthetic Choice

Pitched roofs can be easily blended in with the building. Moreover, it provides a better visual of the building. It also works better with existing neighborhoods. There is a great number of designs, styles, and colors for the pitched roof. You can use this roofing in both residential and commercial buildings. You can choose any style that works best for your preferences.


Instead of making a home with traditional styles, people are tending to use the slope and flat roofing. Everyone wants to have a good-looking house and office. That is why; while building the home, people use all the possible ways to design them better. Both of the roofing has its advantages and disadvantages. A flat roof allows you to grow vegetable, and herbs on the roof.

On the other hand, slope roofing has a long lifespan. In the end, it all depends on the preferences of an individual that which kind of roof he or she thinks best for their building.  With a sloped roof, you can get some extra space that you can use for making play area or a house office. Moreover, it provides better resistance against weather. Before deciding the type of roof, it is better to now the weather conditions of the neighborhood. Moreover, there are numbers of ways to utilize the space of a flat roof.