The five graphic design basics you need to understand

Anyone willing to join the art of graphic designing and does not have basic knowledge or where to begin is quite an understandable situation. The nature of designs depicts that there are several crucial elements that one should consider when starting visual designing. Although the fundamentals of Graphic Design are essential, they end up limiting your creativity, which is a pretty thing to incorporate in your work. With that said, there are some design principles and fundamental concepts that cut across all the areas of design. As a beginner, the aspiring designer should learn about these designing concepts.

Graphic design plays a crucial role in the building of a brand and, at the same time showing your skills in the art of designing. Both branding and design are inseparable notions. It is essential to understand the fundamentals of graphic designing before embarking on any new assignment. It is vital to create an excellent first-time impression for your clients by infusing your knowledge with your experience of elements of designs to take their projects to greater heights.

Basics of Graphic Design

In this article, I will address five basic principles of designing graphics that vital to understand as you continue learning the theory of designing techniques.


It is the most straightforward concept of graphic designs that is essential because every visual design is always composed of paths. To understand these lines and how they work in forming a bigger picture is vital to any artist’s interpretation of the meaning of design.  Always remember to color the outside lines to pull away from any mediocre or repeated structures, but you should know those particular lines.


Balance ensures the stability and the structure to the overall of your design. It is a situation where you put all your designing knowledge into use inclusive of the shapes, lines, spacing, and colors since it is the balance that ties them all together for an outstanding design. It is the way that all the designing g elements are put together and spread throughout the design to give an attractive look.  It entails combining all the aspects of designs into one cohesive, creative design that will help your site achieve its ideal goals. A well-balanced design can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, either in a circular pattern or more of it. It is essential to understand the kind of balance you want by using the correct tools to attain it.  It is a big picture that you should strive to achieve through planning the type of balance you want before designing your platform.

Ensure to Understand everything in regards to balance in the designing context. It is good to put into consideration the weight of your design elements to the outcome of your designs. It is imperative to be vigilant with the visual weight that every aspect posses in the designing process. That does not mean that the entire element should always be distributed, or they must be of similar size, but at least they should bring forth a balance that is symmetrical or asymmetrical. The proportional balance is a design that results when the eight of the designing elements are evenly distributed within the design. On the other hand, the asymmetrical balance is a situation where it uses contrasting scales, and colors in achieving the flow of the plan.


Color evokes different emotions to individuals, since different colors have varying meanings. It is a crucial design basic as it dictates the mood of the designs. The colors that you choose represent your brand and its tone, so it essential to be very skeptical about the palette you choose. As a graphic designer, it is always beneficial having a basic knowledge of the theory of colors. For example, the bight colors depict happiness, while blue color brings forth the feeling of calmness. Some colors bring the excitement of sophistication in the likes of gold and neutral shades. It essential to choose your colors before beginning to design since you will need to take into consideration what emotions you have to employ at different points to evoke the feeling of the viewers. Notably, color is a critical weapon to any website designer.


In the contemporary art of designs, texts are the main part design where you are required to insert words to your design. It is essential to understand words that are crucial and in line with either your designed art. The texts help in conveying the message you are trying to deliver, but a good text would elevate your designing skills at higher heights. Doing this, ensure to choose a font that correctly matches the feeling of your design hence increasing the impact of the intended message. Besides, it would be essential adjusting the size, color, and shape of the text to enhance readability, which enhances its impact as your clients will have a clear understanding of the intended message. An outstanding graphic designer will use the texts as an integral part of all the process of designing.


It is a fundamental principle in the graphic designs that determines which elements are on the focal side of your designs. It can help you in attaining great design by drawing the viewers as one of the critical features. That way, it will help them realize the main focus of your design. Understanding more about hierarchy is essential, especially in specific designs, individually the web design, where you aim at accentuating the main facts and pages to draw the attention of the reader. It is vital to understand the hierarchy of the design to enhance functions and practical design.


The five basics of graphic design that I highlighted are significant concepts that both the beginners and advanced designers should understand. By understanding most of the basic idea, you can build a sophisticated, great design for your website. The ideas help you in understanding design from a practical point of view because they are obvious. Although they may need you to be very observant and keen by taking mental shots, they are crucial keys for those intending to create outstanding visuals for their brand.

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