How You Can Find A Good Moving Company?

You have hired a moving company and loaded all of your stuff in their truck. They have left the door and on their way to your new home. You must be wondering when you are going to see all of your belongings. What if something goes wrong and you lost all of your things. It is your duty to find the best residential movers to make sure that all of your stuff will be delivered safely and in time. So how are you going to find the right moving company?

Search Online

Nowadays, every reputable company has an online website including all the details of their services. They also have a calculator to estimate the cost of moving. Internet is a very nice place to find the background information of the company. Also, it can help you compile the list of most reputable companies. The companies also have online chat where you can ask questions about their services.

Search clients Online

Get A Reference

If someone you knew has moved once or twice in their life, ask them if they can recommend a moving company. Their recommendations can be very valuable to you. Also, ask them about their experience with the company.

Know Who Not to Hire

If you do not know anyone who has moved in the past then you should search online. There are many websites that can help you reveal any moving scam. Check their websites and read their articles to avoid any scam. Many people post them when they scammed by someone.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Mover?

There are some signs that indicate if a company is not a good mover:

  • The first sign is when a company refuses to give you an onsite estimate of the cost. They usually like to give you an estimate on the phone or internet.
  • If a company is demanding large deposit or payment in cash then you should hire it.
  • When a company does not provide you the copy of rules and regulations. It is a book that is required by the federal government to provide to the customers.
  • If a company does not have a physical address, insurance and license number on the website.
  • When the mover says that all of your items are covered by the insurance.
  • If the representative of the company answers you with another name of the company.

Find Out If the Mover Is Reliable

Before hiring any company contact the Better Business Bureau and check the companies in your list follows all the rules and regulations. It is not necessary that companies with complaints are all bad. Maybe the customer files a complaint but the company has resolved it. So, read the report carefully and ask the company about the case and how they resolved it. You also Need To make sure that the company has valid insurance. You can check in the database of if a company does not have insurance, then it is not safe to hire them.

What After Finding Moving Company?

After finding the best moving company, it is time to start packing your things. It is better to start packing a week before moving. The reason is that the in-time packing is a very daunting task. If your moving company also offers packing services then good otherwise you need to pack yourself. Following are some tips that will help you get ready for packing:

Stay Organized

Do not wait to get started, instead start packing the things as soon as possible. It is better to start a few weeks before the moving date, so you do not miss anything. You can start with the least essential things and then go for important things. Keep up the pace and stay organized throughout the task.

One Room At A Time

It is always better to start with one room and after finishing go to next room. In this way, there are fewer chances of missing and mixing items from different rooms. Carefully wrap small things with packing paper so they won’t get lost.


Label all of your boxes to remember which box contains which item. Moreover, use multiple colored markers. Each room boxes should be labeled with the same colored marker. It will provide more clarity for the mover.

Packing Paper

Another thing you must use is packing paper instead of using others such as newspaper. Packing paper is specially made for moving items.

Only Use Moving Boxes

Some people use boxes from grocery and liquor stores. They are not designed for moving items, and may not able to carry the weight of the item. So, always use moving boxes for packing your belongings. Also, buy different size boxes for different items.

Things You Must Keep with You

There are some certain valuable things that you should not pack such as passport, family photo album, legal documents, and transport heirlooms. These things are very valuable for you and you will not want to take risk of losing them.

You Should Know What You Cannot Pack

There are some hazardous things that are not allowed to be shipped. So, it is important for you to read the list of items that you cannot move.

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