Everything You Need To Know About ECBA

The ECBA™, i.e., Entry Certificate in Business Analysis is the primary-level certification offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada. The ECBA Certification covers the fundamental knowledge of business analysis and showcases that an individual has core knowledge and competencies.

If you also wish to have a similar career path, then it is advised to apply for the ECBA™ certification. The certification is ideal for candidates having a knack for modernized business tools, techniques, and several other concepts.

Candidates with this certification are considered to have the relevant knowledge, skills, and behavior, in order to stick to the business profession. For beginners, ECBA™ can be beneficial as it will offer you an in-depth understanding of business concepts and terminologies.

Candidates from any field can apply for this certification and start a lucrative career in the business analysis domain.

Having known a bit about the ECBA™ certification, let us look at its benefits.

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Benefits Of the ECBA™ Certification

Pursuing ECBA™ has many benefits. Here they are!

  1. Recognition in the Business Analysis Domain

If you do not possess work experience as a business analyst, then it can get hard to prove your competence and skills to the employee. In such a situation, an ECBA™ certification can help one a lot. It will validate your skills, dedication, and competency for the role. Also, a certification will be an extra advantage that will help you get better job offers.

  1. Personal Satisfaction

Getting an ECBA™ certification can be the first step to becoming a business analyst. With the help of this certification, one will have the ability to face an examination and interview in a much more confident manner.

  1. Better Career Growth

Many companies look for ECBA™-certified candidates to make their company’s processes run smoothly and efficiently. Business analysts help companies identify the areas that can be improved to increase efficiency and strengthen business processes. These professionals work closely with others throughout the business hierarchy to help implement changes in the organization. Being proficient in their work, they are hired by top companies. As a result, the certification offers candidates with better career opportunities.

  1. Better Salary

With better job roles, come better job opportunities as well. According to sources, an ECBA™-Certified candidate earns 10% higher than non-certified candidates. They are primarily preferred by companies and are offered better jobs and salaries.

Skills Required to Become a Business Analyst

An ethical hacker must have a wide range of computer skills. They specialize and become subject matter experts in particular areas. Here are the skills acquired by ethical hackers.

  • Expertise in scripting languages
  • Proficiency in numerous operating systems
  • Thorough knowledge of networking
  • A solid foundation of the principles of IT.

Now that we know about the skills and benefits of the ECBA™ certification, let us talk about the exam.

ECBA™ Examination – Key Highlights

  1. Target Audience: The ECBA™ certification targets the following audience:
  • Individuals entering business analysis positions.
  • Students enrolled in business analysis academic programs.
  • New graduates
  • Professionals transitioning their careers
  • Functional managers
  1. Eligibility: Here are the eligibility criteria for the ECBA™ certification examination
  • A candidate must get a minimum of 21 hours of professional development in four years.
  • A candidate will agree with IIBA’s code of conduct.
  • Agree with the terms and conditions of IIBA.
  • There is no need for prior business analysis work experience.
  1. Salary: By becoming a business analyst, a candidate will get a better salary as compared to non-certified ones. The necessary skill set, competency, and proper knowledge of tools will help one get an excellent pay grade. On average, a business analyst earns $82,000. This pay scale increases as one gains experience in the field. Also, the salary of an ECBA™ candidate is 10% higher than a non-certified one.
  2. ECBA™ Examination Cost: To take the examination and gain certification, one has to pay the fee. Here is the fee structure.
  • The ECBA™ application fee is $45.
  • The exam fee is $150 for the members of IIBA and $305 for the non-members.
  • Interestingly, the fee for IIBA members varies from country to country.
  1. ECBA™ Exam Pattern: There are two components in the ECBA™ syllabus. Have a look at the exam pattern for the same.
  • Knowledge Area: This area accounts for 70% of the exam and it includes the following:
    • Elicitation and Collaboration – 20%
    • Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring – 5%
    • Recruitment Life Cycle Management – 20%
    • Requirement Analysis and Design Designation – 25%
  • Business Analysis Knowledge: This area accounts for 30% of the syllabus. Here are the particulars of the course.
    • Business Analysis Key Concepts – 5%
    • Business Analysis & Professionalism – 2.5%
    • Underlying Competencies – 5%
    • Technique – 17.5%
  1. IIBA Exam Pattern – Important Points
  • The exam is for one hour. It is proctored.
  • There are around 50 multiple-choice questions in the exam.
  • For clearing the exam, the IIBA checks every knowledge area for the pass rate of the candidate.
  • The exam is knowledge-based and is aligned with the v3 of the BABOK guide.
  • No mark will be deducted for a wrong answer in the exam.
  1. ECBA™ Passing Score

A candidate needs to score at least 70% marks in order to excel in the examination. It is important to note that one needs to pass both sections separately. If a candidate fails, then he/ she can retake the exam twice or more in a year after the initial application after paying the exam fee for rewriting. So, this is all you need to know about the ECBA™ exam. To gain the certification, it is essential to take up the exam and excel in it. Now, let us have a look at the ECBA™ preparation steps that will help you excel in the exam.

ECBA™ Preparation Steps For the Exam

  1. Build a Strong Base: If you are new in the business analysis field, then it is essential to get familiar with the basic concepts. You can take ECBA certification courses and understand the tools, techniques, and concepts of business analysis. In order to make a career in the business analysis domain, one must have a strong base in software development and related phases.
  2. Read the BABOK® Guide: The ECBA™ certification has focused content. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go through the BABOK® guide to explore how the exam will be. Once you have read and understood the BABOK® guide, you will have an in-depth understanding of the exam’s subjects.
  3. Practicing ECBA™ Mock Tests: Mock tests and preparation tests play an important role in preparing for the exam. These mock and practice tests help you know your weak areas and subsequently work on them. If you reach an 80% score consistently, then you are well-prepared for the exam. But if that’s not the case, then it is best to practice more and more so that you can excel in the exam on the first attempt.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Go through ECBA™’s frequently asked questions on the IIBA website.
  • Become a member of business analysis discussion forums to know about the field better.
  • Set a preparation plan and work according to it.
  • Reach every chapter of the BABOK guide thoroughly. Prepare notes as they will help you with last-minute preparation.

By following these preparatory steps, one can easily gain the ECBA certification.


The certification will provide you with excellent job opportunities with high pay grades. Apart from this, the certification will also offer you an in-depth understanding of business analysis concepts, techniques, and theories. Thus, don’t think much and begin your lucrative career with the ECBA™ certification. Apply today! 


  1. Is the ECBA™ exam difficult?

Yes, the ECBA™ exam is tough to clear. Your business understanding and aptitude are put to test by posing 50 MCQs. Thus, it is advised to prepare well in advance before the exam takes place so that you crack the exam in one go!

  1. How long does it take to complete the ECBA™ exam?

Roughly, the exam contains 50 MCQs which take one hour to complete. It is essential to be well-prepared before you attempt the exam to correctly answer the maximum number of questions.

  1. Does ECBA™ certification expire?

No, the ECBA™ certification doesn’t expire, and it is valid for a lifetime. Thus, you can make use of it anytime you want and get better job roles across the globe.

  1. How many times can I take the ECBA™ exam?

The ECBA™ exam can be taken twice or more times after the initial application. However, one has to pay the rest of the exam fee to take the exam again.

  1. Who can apply for ECBA™?

There is no prior experience required to apply for ECBA™. However, a candidate must complete 21 hours of professional development. One must also agree to the code of conduct and terms and conditions of IBA.

  1. Is ECBA™ certification globally applicable?

Yes, ECBA™ certification is globally recognized. You can work in any country and get amazing job opportunities after acquiring the certification.

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