Eco-Friendly Renovations- Perfect For Every Home

Renovating a home to make it eco-friendly is not a hard thing to do. This is currently the trend when it comes to home renovations. Home improvement magazines are promoting eco-friendly renovations because this will not only benefit the homeowner but the environment as a whole.

There are plenty of ways to do it effectively. However, make a survey of the place first before making a decision. Since there are different ideas that can be applied, it is suggested to do some research about these recommendations to have a better idea of the possible outcome.

Eco-Friendly Renovation Ideas

The renovation can in the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, bedroom, or maybe for the whole house. It everything is possible. It will not be as costly as others think it would be. As long as you pick the right contractor like The Home Remodeling Contractors, the remodeling projects are doable. Here are simple yet clever ways to renovate on a budget.

Renewable energy- Windmill

Recycle and Make Use Of Old Materials

  • Using Recycled Glass. This is one of the most interesting renovation material being used. It can be used on countertops in a modern themed kitchen. Bioglass is the most common recycled glass.
  • Use Salvaged Wood and Metal. These will add a stronger character to space. Making use of old pieces to make new ones is perfect for an interior design.

Make Use Of Environmental-Friendly Materials

  • Use Cork Flooring Instead of Carpets. Cork harvesting is one of the best choices for eco-friendly renovations. This material is collected from the bark of a cork oak tree. It is one of the best options for flooring renovations.
  • Choose Bamboo Instead Of Hardwood Floors. Many would wonder if this is a good recommendation. Bamboo floor is as durable as a hardwood floor. Bamboo materials are not hard to find since it grows back faster than any other tree.
  • Use Formaldehyde-free Cabinets. Formaldehyde is a toxic substance which is commonly used in building materials as well as other household products. To be earth-friendly, be smart and avoid using them.
  • Use VOC-Free Paint. VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are harmful. It has the same result with VOC paints. Making an extra effort is definitely worth it.

Balance With Nature

It is best to incorporate nature with the renovation ideas. Make use of the sun instead of relying on the heating system. Conserve water as much as possible. These are the simplest ways to help reduce water shortage and energy use.

  • Maintain A Well-Insulated Home. When the house is insulated properly, lesser energy is used. Some homes use structural insulated panels for the roof. It can provide enough warmth that space needs.
  • Make Use Of The Sun. There’s no reason to not use the sun to the advantage of your home. Many contractors are suggesting the use of solar hot water collector and solar paneling for electricity supply. This is an environmental way to upgrade the space.
  • Make Use Of Low-flow Toilet. These toilets consume less water compared to the full-flush toilet. Make sure that enough research is done before installing one.

The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most common and the most effective way to turn the house into an eco-friendly space. It reduces the energy consumption by almost 50%. But before investing, learn about the pros and cons of solar energy use.

Roof top Solar Panels


  • Renewable. This is a renewable energy source. This only means that there is an unlimited supply of energy compared to fossil fuels, coal or nuclear.
  • Sustainable. There is no over-consumption of when it comes to solar energy. This is sustainable even for the future generations.
  • Environmentally Friendly. When using solar energy, it will not cause any pollution to the environment. Solar energy reduces the dependence of a household to a non-renewable energy source.
  • Reducing Electricity Costs. Using solar energy will not only help reduce the electricity cost, it will also be a way to “sell” excess electricity or maybe receive bill credits. This happens when the solar panels provide you with more electricity than what you can consume. This is the reason why many households invest in solar electricity.
  • No Noise Pollution. With solar power, there are no moving parts. This means that no noise is produced with photovoltaics. This is similar to other green-tech like the wind turbines.


  • Expensive. This is still a debatable disadvantage of the solar panel. It may involve a “one-time big time” investment. This is why many are still hesitant to give it a try.
  • Rare Materials. Many are using a solar panel, but not as many as those who prefer non-renewable energy source. This is why some parts and materials used are hard to find.

When looking into turning the house into an eco-friendly space, it takes a lot of risks. Yes, it is risky, but the benefits that one can get are amazing. There might be people who do not favor this option, but little did they know that this is one effective way to help save the environment.