Drift Towards Everything Online (Education)

All of us were very much aware that internet would bring many drastic changes in the world. One such ongoing change is the drifting of everything related to education to an online medium-world wide web. Be it training for school subjects or training for government exam, students can find everything online. Here is a list of changes witnessed which completely showcase drift of education from offline to online domain:


Students preparing for exams can view online courses on various subjects. They can view these courses in video or textual forms or in both forms. The major advantage of online course over offline course is the ability to view content more than once. On the other hand, students have to wait for their next offline class to clear their doubts.

E- Learning - Online Education

Digital Classrooms

Ed-tech startups have launched digital classrooms. These are either conducted in live or recorded formats in video forms. Most of these online classrooms are conducted on YouTube by Ed-tech companies. Students can clear their doubts within these online classes by asking questions just like in an offline class. Also, they can leave the queries under the comment section of videos and they would be answered by experts from time to time.

Current Affairs

Students can stay updated with the latest current affairs by subscribing to an ed-tech company’s YouTube channel. This is surely helping a lot of students in their last minute preparing for GA/GS/GK sections of their exams. Also, online teachers explain the importance of current affair (in topic) just like in an offline classroom. Again video or blogs on latest topics of current affairs are more advantageous to students as they can view the content as many times they wish to.


Just like video content is advantageous to all students, similarly, availability of exam content in PDF is really helpful. Students can view these PDF’s in their mobiles/tablets/laptops or desktops at their own will. These PDF’s are usually built with content for preparing students for government exams.


Online quiz are just like offline quiz wherein students are called to answer a set number of questions. However, the key difference between online and offline quiz is the total number of candidates appearing for the quiz/contest. Another advantage of online quiz over offline quiz is the easy accessibility. By that as it may, candidates can apply for online quizzes more easily than offline quiz by logging in with their gmail account.

By that as it may, courses, digital classrooms, current affairs, PDF’s and quiz/contest, and other upcoming online methods will surely have an impact. This will eventually lead to driving more offline students to online medium.

Understanding the views of students and importance of e-learning government and other concerned authorities are now keeping aside a large sum of money. This budget is not only to help reach massive student audience, but also to build more innovative ways to teach & train students. This revolution in the education industry cannot be brought about by single agency thus the need to have collaborations has been realised. Various mobile apps and other softwares are being worked upon.

With the government and Ed-tech startups putting effective measure to boost education sector, we are surely going to witness a change. This change will be in the form of drifting from offline education to online education. At the same time, Ed-tech startups are making sure to deliver quality content to reach their target audience.

Drift Towards Everything Online

With so much on a platter of online education, the future of education is definitely going to be online medium. This is and will reach audience from schools to colleges to students preparing for government jobs. To conclude, education through internet will change students perspective and will eventually give them wider choices of learning as well as training methods.

Another advantage which can be attributed to digital learning is the elimination of the need to carry heavy books. You have better accessibility, digital libraries help you save additional time as the books can be found in few seconds whereas traditional library might consume even an hour to get you desired book. Additionally sharing the study material is again very easy.

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