Decor Hacks That Can Make Your Fixer-Upper a Hot Item on a Market

Even if you are heading to a better neighborhood, moving is not a process one is glad to go through. There are numerous things to keep in mind while moving but perhaps what most people find exceptionally difficult is selling their old home. Many items in there can tell a story of the past but the house itself is probably also filled with memories such as pencil markings on the door frame that indicate how a child has grown.

Living Room- space for leisure

On the bright side, you will be able to start anew at some other place, while your old home can become a cozy family nest for others. Besides making sure it goes into the hands of people who will take care of it, you would naturally wish for it to fetch the best possible price. However, for that to happen, you must first know what it means to offer a fixer-upper home for sale.

Putting a fixer-upper on sale

A fixer-upper home is one of the best pieces of property one can purchase and you can sell. Potential buyers who decide against a new house usually do so either because of the budget at their disposal or because they wish to be able to tailor the house to their own needs.

A new or renovated house provides less opportunity for changes while building a new house from scratch can put quite a strain on any budget. This is why a fixer-upper is an optimal solution – the house buyers know it is eligible for renovation which is exactly how they want it. With that in mind, here are some useful hacks to help you highlight the characteristics of your charming house.

Light up the place

One element that contributes to the feeling of any room appear more spacious is the amount of light. If you can, make sure that there is ample light coming through the windows when your prospective buyers come to take a look at the place.

On the other hand, if your home lacks natural sunlight, lamps can also be of great help. No matter whether you go for a traditional elegant desk lamp or a lean and tall floor one, you would have both a practical and stylish solution. In short, the light will accentuate the lovely features of your home and make it seem roomier.

Add some curb appeal

As impressions go, the first impression the potential buyers form about your property will be essential for their decision-making process and only a truly amazing interior can help with a negative impression on the exterior. So, make sure that the driveway and paths are clean and tidy unless you want them to think that the entire house is chaotic.

Another crucial element that needs to be taken into account are the front doors. Damaged doors give the impression the house was not taken care of properly. Installing new entrance doors will not only change the appearance of your house but also provide quality insulation. This will show the buyers that HVAC effectiveness is maximized which will give them peace of mind.

Clothe it in green

One of the best additions that you can make to your home are plants. They will liven up any space and you can put them in virtually any room as long as you do some research on the amount of light and water they need. For more adventuristic homeowners, you can try and make a living wall of plants which, besides being an interesting addition, will improve air quality significantly and influence the heating and cooling bills.

Going green with your home doesn’t just include plants but being eco-friendlier. If you don’t find helping the environment to be motivation enough, know that sustainable homes are more sought after. So, if you were looking to replace some tattered pieces of furniture, think in terms of recycled furniture or one made of bamboo, as one of the most sustainable materials.

Be honest about the flaws

Since the future owners know what they are buying, there is no need to hide the flaws of the house. It may be that a power socket or two need replacing or they will be needing to purchase a new sink but all those things will naturally come up at the home inspection.

Defining home staging

Any of the smaller issues could be probably even taken care of by you, however, most buyers want to organize everything on their own so that they get a customized solution. As for some larger fixes, such as plumbing or electricity issues, it is essential to be completely honest because hiding such problems can jeopardize someone’s health. You can explain the extent of the problem and adjust the price a bit so the future owners can have it repaired and adjusted as they wish.

Freshen it up with color

Light on the budget but heavy on the effect – this is what a fresh coat of pain means. It gives back life to kitchen cabinets and makes space seem cleaner. For instance, painting the walls white in a room that has little natural light will make it brighter and it will even appear larger. You can play around with different color palettes in order to create the atmosphere you intended to.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing paint, besides the shades you like, is whether you are opting for non-toxic paint. House paint can contain even around 10,000 chemicals so deciding to go with zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint is the best solution for both you and the family that will move into your house. Another interesting option is natural paint made of raw ingredients such as chalk, plant oil, marble, clay, etc.

Once you detach yourself emotionally from your old loving home is the moment you start planning for the future. It fetching a good price means gives you many possibilities such as being able to purchase a larger home than planned or having a larger budget to equip it.

As mentioned earlier, the trick with selling a fixer-upper is not in hiding any flaws since the buyers want a house they can renovate and decorate as they wish. So, all you need to do is accentuate its finest features since a home with a soul and a history is what is worth most.