Data requirements for planning a town

Data requirements for planning a town is generally same for most of the areas. The basic requirements include the below mentioned points. The data collected helps a town planner to take decisions and plan for the requirement by people who will be living in that area.

  1.    What are the data requirements for planning a town?

Users: Data related to people in the city, distribution of social groups, profile, age and other characteristics It includes their location, spatial distribution etc. It also includes:

  • Household survey
  • Sex ratio
  • Employment (population characteristics, % of population scattered)
  • Qualification (education profile)
  • Age distribution
  • Income levels etc.

Activities: Data related to activities that the people of the city are engaged in:

  • The existing land use.
  • Change in land use.
  • Generally, the most common activities involved are:

a)   Trade and Commerce. b)   Traffic and Transportation. c)    Recreational / Environmental space. d)   Residential / Housing. e)   Industrial and Manufacturing. f)    Infrastructure.


  • The data pertaining to circulation of town.
  • It includes rail, road, water and airway methods of transport.
  • Bus depot and terminals, rail terminals etc.
  • Water, Sewage and Drainage Patterns.

Institutional Arrangements:

  • List of state institutes and para – institutions is prepared.
  • Legal institutes are included and enumerated.
  • Power and functions of different organizations.


  • The data pertaining to natural and man-made resources like eco-sensitive areas, protected forests, floodable areas, dams, power plants, minerals etc.

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  1. This is quiet illustrative and simple to comprehend. Though not all the data required for planning are listed here. Though recreations were mentioned but I think a further classification as hotels, resort areas etc.can also be part of write up.

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