Some Customer Retention Strategies For Subscription Business

Subscription business is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays because of the exciting offers that it provides to the customers. The best part of the subscription business is it is making the customers believe that they can make some short-term commitments and they are having the liberty of leaving it freely or cancel it anytime. You must provide the customers with the flexibility of leaving the subscription anytime they want, but your business strategy will be to provide offers and apply strategies in a way that they will be a part of your subscription business for long term.

There are several strategies which one can utilize, and the most common one focuses on the cross-functional strategies. The very first step that you will need to take will be to apply customer centricity which will allow every person in the team to easily access the data of the customer and learn what the customer is expecting from them. With the rise of this subscription business e-commerce has faced huge revolutionization.It is very important to implement proper strategies to retain your potential customers and also handle the debt settlement and freedom debt properly.

Create your customer data available to everybody

When it comes to retaining a particular customer, you will have to apply several strategies, but the very first thing that you will need to know is to learn about the customer and see what the pain points are and whether you can provide services that are needed by them at the particular point in their journey.

It is also essential to provide result driven and actionable data to the employees who are not a part of the team of facing the customers. The team that is working in your company must be able to access the segment of customers information frictionless. Whenever the staff is getting the freedom of looking into the customer portfolios and check the panoramic view, then it will help them in actively monitoring all the customer’s health signals and thereby include some proactive engagement.

It is very important to share the data of the customers across the enterprise to enjoy some additional benefits. When you are dealing with a business where customer centricity is very important, then all your actions should be for the welfare of the customers. One can only accomplish this if they are having a similar understanding regarding the type of customer which the business is dealing with.

Customer Retention

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Flexible subscription payment models

Every business should provide the customer with proper choices when it comes to opting for the right subscription that will suit their requirements.

The first step will be to allow them to make the payment by utilizing several automated methods like direct debit or credit or other types of payment gateways which will make the entire payment procedure flexible and convenient. A business should also utilize the recurring billing system if they are providing subscription on annual, bi-annual, quarterly or a monthly basis.

To get efficient functionalities, you will have to invest in purchasing the management system dealing with recurring revenue. There are several solutions which the subscription businesses can utilize to get their business the kickstart that it needs and help it to grow rapidly.

Understand Your KPIs

When it comes to retaining a customer, you will have to track the data and look into the insights properly to check whether the engagement rate and the usage are decent as they are the indicators of the customer’s satisfaction and how they are valuing your business.

Apart from this, you should also utilize some customer feedback or support request to analyze what your customer needs from the business. If you get proper data, then you will be able to establish predictive and clear trend lines and continue implementing several proactive engagements between the customers.

Seamless subscription billing

Every subscription related business must come with the seamless subscription billing facility. It is important because if you keep on emailing the subscribers regarding the payment by adopting several intrusive ways, then you will be losing out several customers. So you should always concentrate on creating the billing system which will make the entire process easy for the customers, so they will be buying the services without looking for any other companies.

Use the right platforms

The potential customers will have their preferred ways when it comes to reaching out to a particular business, so it will also allow you to get clarity regarding the path which you will have to utilize for accessing them. So, with any subscription businesses, you will have to open several portals between the team of customer who is successfully working with you along with the potential customers. It can be on social media, forums, call centers to email.

It is very important to ensure that all the customers are getting quick replies when it comes to answering their queries related to the business. You will have to understand how the customers are trying to communicate with a business, and then you will have to establish a path that will enable you to listen properly.

Thank your customers

Whenever a customer is becoming a part or member of the business by subscribing to it, then you will have to do several things to convey your thankfulness towards that customer. It is very important to create a bond which will be memorable, and it won’t be just a thank you statement. So always try to find several ways for celebrating the customers.

One can easily do it by acknowledging the anniversaries or by suggesting several actions which will be related to the interactions or purchases etc. Install the automatic services to maintain communication with your customers. Try to keep it rewarding and brief because many companies are doing a lot of cold calling or spam and that is why if a customer is getting a lot of attention then it is getting quite aggravating.

Value-added discounts

When your business is offering some eye-catching discount, then it can easily grab the attention of several potential customers. When it comes to the subscription always provide discounts for the people, who are opting for the long-term plan and also reward them with several offers to acknowledge their loyalty.

It will not only help you in expanding the revenue base, but it will also keep all the potential customers vested in the ecosystem.

Data Analytics

The subscription businesses have a dynamic nature, so it is quite important to monitor it constantly and analyze the performance by looking into the indicator. You will have to utilize several metrics like the revenue generated per user and their average, the cost of the accusation, retention rate, lifetime value of a customer, recurring revenue on a monthly basis, etc. In this way, you will be able to check how your business is performing.

Don’t stop talking about tomorrow.

It is very important to incorporate some momentum in your subscription business. One must maintain the excitement within the customers and by sharing all their milestones and success stories with them along with the vision of the future and provide some advice and wisdom.

We all are aware that if a business is there in the industry, then it should communicate with the customers to know about the pain points and make the customers realize that they are capable of solving their issues. So, when you are dealing with the business of subscription, it is very important to allow the customers to know about all the long-term plans of your business and ensure them that you will be able to help them for many years.

Digital Transformation

All the subscription businesses are trying to implement a lot of innovation on a regular basis. Starting from the pricing mechanism to the technology that is used for the investment or other programs which are used for reaching the customers, everything in a subscription business needs digitalization. It is very important to analyze your competition and adapt several strategies that will boost your business.


When it comes to retaining your customers, it is also important to consider the demographics from where you are getting maximum potential customers. You will have to target that set of customers and provide better services to them in order to keep them hooked up to your business for the long term.

You will also have to analyze several other competitors of your businesses and the offers that they are providing for offering competitive prices.


One of the most popular subscription-based business is Netflix. When you are installing it, you will be getting a free one-month trial subscription. If the customers like the services, then they can keep on opting for the paid subscriptions.

It is very important to provide a trial for your customers. You will be able to charge for your product or services if they are convinced about investing in it. This is one of the best ways of gaining potential customers.